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Stop snowing, already

You know you live in New England when....

Well, as Cyn pointed out in her last post...this is New England and it is supposed to snow. But not this much. I know we have had harsh winters in the past, but I don’t remember so many roofs collapsing in such rapid succession. And I don’t recall having to shovel every couple of days. This is way past tiresome.

As of yesterday morning, I had a little over two feet of snow standing in my yard. As of last night, I had 3+ feet of snow standing in my yard and my picket fences were totally buried. Last night I shoveled a foot of snow out of my driveway and walkways and off my deck. It was light fluffy snow, so not backbreaking work. As of this evening, I have over four feet of snow standing in my yard. My driveway is not shoveled out because there is absolutely no place left for me to shovel it. I seriously don’t know what I am going to do. The mountains of snow on either side of my driveway are so high that I can’t throw the snow over the top of them anymore. Not when the snow is as heavy as it is today. Those mountains of snow are over 10 feet tall and I’m half that height. And I have two and a half feet of snow (thanks in part to the city snow plow driver) to dig out of my driveway. There’s no place for it to go. I am not kidding nor exaggerating in the slightest.

There is more snow forecast for Saturday and again next Tuesday. This constant parade of nor’easters marching up the coast has got to stop.

We’ve had enough. Honest. Please stop snowing. My back is killing me. I don’t want my roof to cave in. I don’t want my deck to collapse. I want it to stop snowing. PLEASE STOP SNOWING!!!

I’ve got to take pictures tomorrow. 

Posted by Kate on 02/02/11 at 06:59 PM



Thankfully todays snow seems to be a bust. YAY! Not sure on Tuesday tho?
The BC and I shoveled off the deck yesterday. We will not see our yard until at least July sometime! The dogs next door can just walk over the fence into our yard, and pee and shitz. So I guess I am not all anxious to see the ground lol. We really have a big deck. Love it in the summer, not loving it now haha.
I can ask the man that plows our driveway (I think he might be plowing someone in your city) if you want me to.
I took pictures a couple of days ago of all the snow and icicles hanging off the house before I hung out the window (almost fell, yikes!) and knocked them all off. 
Our kids and friends in CA can not believe it lol. Lisa keeps sending me places to rent that are cheaper than we are paying now. waaaaaaaaaaa.
Keeping my fingers crossed that Tuesday is a dud also!

Posted by justme on 02/05  at  10:27 AM

Kate, my brother is retired (and MANY years older than me), lives in Salisbury and snowblows lots of driveways for people.  If you want his phone number let me know and you could call and see if he can make a run to your house.  I have no idea what he charges, but I suspect it is not much.

And yes, you are right, this has to stop...I do not know where the rest will go, I really don’t.  We did break down and pay someone to shovel 2 of our roofs off and break up some of the ice dams on one of them. 

Joe has been raking what he can reach on the back of the house which is to say not much.  Pretty much only the deck and only about 3 feet on the roof.  He shoveled the whole deck off the other day. took about 4 hours and so now the snowbanks all around it are equal to the height of the deck.  It is a GIANT playpen for the cat, she can go on the deck, cannot get off it.  YAY.

J, I am not sure we escaped this latest one, last I heard was late tonight it is coming in, wet, heavy and then tomorrow in the 40’s which may create another new set of issues.  Just nuts.

Yes, more (maybe) Tuesday and Thursday.  We have tickets to take our goddaughter to see Blue Man Group on Thursday so am scrambling to come up with a Plan B in case we are stuck here.  She goes to school in the city so may get the tickets to her tomorrow and then if we can’t go, she and a couple of her roommates can.  GRRRRRRRRRRRR

AND, the next one of our “older” LOL friends who have escaped all this fun and are wintering in Florida, NC, SC, CA, that sends me condolences is going to get...............a visit from us.  A prolonged one.  ;)

Posted by cyn on 02/05  at  01:21 PM

The next door neighbor offered her grandsons and they finally dug me out. They made some video game money and it was worth every cent. They also shoved the snow off the porch roof. It was even with my windows for crying out loud. Another snow storm and I wouldn’t be able to see out my windows...or maybe I would because the roof would be on the ground.

I really hope the snow doesn’t happen. Not so sure I want rain either with all this snow. Just will turn it into a solid block of 4 foot thick ice. Yeah, that would do wonders. I still have to shovel out my woodpile in the back of the house. It is completely buried. You wouldn’t even know there was a woodpile there. I’m still using an easily accessible one, so I have a couple of weeks before it’s critical. Probably should do it before I’m hatcheting my way through ice to get to it.

God, I really am sick of winter. Completely. Totally. To the core. Sick to death of winter.

Cyn, if your brother is able, I’d be happy to hire him for upcoming snow storms. My back is simply not going to tolerate much more snow shoveling this year. Not my back so much as that wretched sciatic nerve that’s been really jangling lately. Not a happy feeling.

I asked a local guy about plowing, but he looked it over and said there is no place left to plow it. It’s true. There is no place to even plow it at this point. Snow blowing it up and over into the side yards is about the only avenue left. Or neighbor’s grandsons, which is nice when available, but not a dependable thing.

And no spring thaws and deluges can happen either. Good lord, if all that snow melts at once (with rain), I’ll have water in my basement sloshing up against the floor joists.

Posted by Kate on 02/05  at  05:29 PM

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