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Snow, Snow and more Snow........

Kate, we need a weather button that says SNOW, more Freaking SNOW!! ;)

OK, so this has been such a lovely week.  Went to work Tuesday in the snow--my boss called early in the morning and suggested she pick me up since she drives a BIG, black SUV and I have a cute little white sports type car that cannot be seen in the snow!!  She lives right up the street from me so just came here and picked me up on her way.  So good, took us ONE hour from my house to the office--a trip that generally takes 20 minutes.  Along the way we saw a van totally flipped over and 3 other cars that either were involved in the accident or stopped to help.  Trucks fishtailing but still trying to drive too fast and all the usual nonsense that goes on in the winter.

We get to the office, settle in and figure we would just hunker down and get a lot accomplished (I had packed my Nook, along with a couple paperbacks in case we were stuck there all night).  But, the next thing that happens is the internet goes down......amazing how a business is practically paralyzed without the internet.  We waited an hour or so, did other stuff and still no internet, so packed it up and headed home.  Another hour on the roads, which were way worse than they had been earlier.

We stopped for lunch at a little Thai place in the town where we live since it was on the way--they were thrilled to have the business--after all not too many idiots go out and drive around, let alone go out to lunch, in the middle of a storm.  So, no worries, I worked from home the rest of the day.

Wednesday, I get up, get ready for work, am about to leave, the phone rings, it’s my boss, she is in the office and there is still no internet.  SO, I work from home all day.  I do not think I would like to do that on a regular basis.  It is OK once in a while, but on a daily basis, I do not think so.

Got in a full day at the office yesterday and today...................another freaking snowstorm.  GRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Long range forecast says another storm coming in Tuesday.  Our son, Eric, gave us tickets to Jersey Boys (I have been dying to see it) for Tuesday night in the city and they were crazy expensive so I am going come hell or high Snow??  ;) I figure if worse comes to worse, we can park at the train station in our town and go in that way.  I am SO sick of this winter already.

Speaking of my little car--Does anyone remember when some parents bought those long poles with orange flags on them for their kids’ big wheels so they could be seen by cars?  Mine would never have allowed it cause they had their reputations to think about (LOL), but some kids had them.  Well, I need one for my car.  The snowbanks around here are so high, easily 3-4 times higher than my car that not only can no one see me, I can’t see around them to pull out of our neighborhood onto the main road or any other intersection.  It is a little scary.  Truthfully not many cars can see around them, but mine is small and white and that makes it that much more difficult. 

Oh well, I just have to suck it up cause for sure I would never buy myself a practical car!!  And before you think that is stupid considering that we live in a snowy part of the country, consider husband has his second car that does NOT play in the snow at all.  Now that is stupid!!  Mine goes through the snow, etc. very nicely, it is just the height of the snowbanks etc. that are posing a problem.  But his car fishtails in just a hint of snow.  His last one was a Porsche and it was awful; so when he finally gets rid of it, I assume he will get something a little more practical.  NO.  He gets a testosterone filled Mustang.  He was going to put snow tires on it this year, went to a bunch of different places and they all told him to save his money, that it would not really make any difference.  So now he is dependent on me letting him use my car and I am not all that generous!! ;) I figure if I am miserable enough about it this year, next year he will garage the damn Mustang for the winter and get something practical.  Yeah, and pigs might fly too!!

And on that note, I think I should do something, anything other than sitting in front of a computer bitching about the weather.  We DO live in New England and it is supposed to snow, so I guess I need to just suck it up and shut up, or move to somewhere it doesn’t snow............Hawaii beckons!!

Happy Friday!!


Posted by Cyn on 01/21/11 at 08:23 AM



I can’t believe how much snow we have/are getting! And more on Tuesday? WTH?
I also have tickets to see Jersey Boys! I think on the 30th?
I have a Suburban Cyn and its is getting hard to see over some of the piles lol. The poor thing most def needs new tires and the 4 wheel went on it. Yikes!
Stay warm and cozy, and read that Nook at least once for me today!!!

Posted by justme on 01/21  at  10:26 AM

so I go and check my account at B&N online. My order is canceled. ??? I did not cancel it! I was intending to lol as I am going to the store and purchasing it today. Enough is enough. And I am going to let customer service know just how disappointed I am! What if I was just planning on waiting for it (like I confirmed to from the email the other day) and didn’t check my account for a few weeks? How long would I have had to wait then? Its a good damn thing I really want one of these!

LOL, my word is boffin!

Posted by justme on 01/22  at  09:29 AM

That is just crazy.  Makes absolutely no sense.  I would absolutely send them a letter--document everything that has happened and also tell them they should have suggested going to the store to get one.  At the very least they might send you some e-certs for a free book or two. 

I used to teach customer service as part of one of my jobs I had (and I used to think it was insane you had to TEACH people how to act...).  I think I should start up a business doing just that and go to lots of places. 

I am channeling my mom here, but just the same, customer service stinks most every where you go!! ;)

Posted by Cyn on 01/22  at  09:38 AM

I am writing this from my new nook! Loooove it!

Posted by justme on 01/22  at  03:41 PM

Oooh! So glad you finally got your hands on one to call your very own, J! I’ll just bet you’re loving it to pieces. Be sure to get a cover for it!!! And go get Moning’s Shadowfever. What a super read. Worth the wait. I just finished it. Whew, Loved It.

I’d press for a couple of gift certificates, too. They done you wrong, lady. There is no excuse for that. Have fun! smile

Posted by Kate on 01/22  at  11:14 PM

YAY for you J--enjoy it and please take your nose out of it long enough to pop in here now and again!! 

We went to dinner with friends last night, they were a little late meeting us girlfriend was shopping around for either an IPAD, a Kindle or a Nook Color (and now I wish I had turned my plain old Nook for a NC!!); they decided against the IPAD cause they could not justify the expense. so then it went to Kindle vs Nook.  They were in Best Buy and had great conversations with other customers and as a result went to B&N to look at the Nook Color.  Consensus seems to be she is going to get that this week!

I “think” I have the ability to “loan” her some of the books I have on mine.  Not sure.  I also found out that if you get them from the library, it is just like taking books out from there; you can only keep them for 2 weeks so at the end of that time, they disappear from your Nook!!  Good to know cause if and when I figure out how to do that, I need to be sure I am ready to read whatever it is!!

Posted by Cyn on 01/23  at  08:43 AM

Kate,I am reading shadowfever right Now! I dowloaded it the minute I got home lol! Just taking a break to pop in here. I Would love to get a gift certificate for my trouble but, I wont’ hold my Breath! I have heard nothing but bad things about their customer service. The store said if Ihave any problems to come into them first. 

Cyn, she will love it if she gets one. I Don,t know all the differences other than the color tho. If yoou have that option I would go for it if you can! 
As far as I know you can lend books to each other.  The library I think will now give you the.  Option to take them out for up to21days now. There is a option bar that you can scroll in your preference on ebooks account page and select ? then 14 or 21. Not sure how yo dl them yet. I. haven’t looked that far yet lol.

Posted by justme on 01/24  at  04:38 PM

Well, Cyn. I added two snow buttons. We may need more as the season goes on. Kind of like 150 different expressions for snow, most of them profane at about this stage of the game. Another foot or more forecast for this Wednesday/Thursday??! I simply do not know where I am going to put it. I had trouble pitching shovels full of the last storm up over the top of the immense (and way over my head) piles along my driveway. And as cliche as it may be, I have Very Bad Thoughts in my heart every time the snow plow guy goes by and socks my driveway full with yet more snow. And when the road is clear, then he comes back for a half dozen more passes to widen the road. God bless him. I know somebody loves him, but I sure as hell don’t.

J, I just remembered...a lot of people over on the Kindle boards have highly recommended getting replacement insurance for your e-reader from Square Trade. Apparently it is very reasonable (cheap) and they pay very quickly and without question if your e-reader breaks or you drop it or sit on it or whatever. Amazon has been quite good about replacing Kindles, but the others not so much. Kindle Boards folks also have iPads and Sony and Kobo and Nook readers. Absolutely swear by Square Trade. So, you might consider it. I think you have 30 days from the date of e-reader purchase to get the insurance.

Posted by Kate on 01/25  at  12:55 AM

Thanks Kate!  I might just go post something just so I can use them is snowing right now.  I believe today is just an inch or three dusting! and then the big one is coming in tomorrow night into Thursday.  Definitely the winters of my childhood.  I don’t know where we are going to put anymore either. 

Am hoping they are right about no real accumulation today cause have tickets to Jersey Boys tonight.  We can take the train in IF I come home from work early cause of course the schedule has no bearing to reality...have to take one at 4:30 (insane) and then will have to leave the show a few minutes early cause the one coming back is at 10:15--show at 7:30 and is 2.5 hours long OR we can hang out at North Station til the next one at 12:10PM.  Grrrr.

I might check into that insurance too, I have a few days before a month is up--oh wait, mine was a gift so who knows.  Will look.

Posted by Cyn on 01/25  at  08:48 AM

Thanks Kate! Thats interesting! I would think that you would only be able to by the insurance from B&N lol. They only give you two weeks after purchase and it’s like $54 or a year? not sure on the how long. Will have to go check out Square Trade!

I don’t see any new snow buttons!

Oh and also I got hooked up with a plow guy that lives right around the corner from us. YAY.  Plows, shovels a little and sands a bit too! I am such a happy camper. I just hope he does this next year to tho. He lost his job almost a year ago and is doing this because of that.
Well I hope both of you ladies are ready for another round!

Posted by justme on 01/26  at  06:45 AM

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