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Listening to the news a while ago, the segment on Egypt came on the teevee. I believe it was Comcast New England Cable News Network. Anyway, the reporter described the pro-democracy protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square today as Mob Rule. Get that? Mob rule. Despite Mubarak’s thugs being out with their Molotov Cocktails and steel bar batons beating the ever-loving crap out of the protesters, the ones getting the crap beaten out of them were the ones identified as participating in Mob Rule. Those thugs doing the beating and bomb throwing who were captured proved to be plain clothes cops and Mubarak operatives with substantiating I.D. But they weren’t described as thugs or anything. Nooo...they were pro-government supporters. It is, apparently, in someone’s best interests to downplay the pro-democracy movement in Egypt and encourage us to be sympathetic to the pro-Mubarak supporters. (Notice how many of the pro-Mubarak signs are in English?) You kind of have to wonder why our news people want us to be sympathetic to the government thugs. Is it because the reporters are simply dumber than a box of rocks or do they have a vested interest in the outcome of this little dust up in the desert? I would like to know.

I thought bringing in the camels for foreign consumption was an especially nice touch. Camels in downtown Cairo? Really?

I heard that CNN’s Anderson Cooper got his head bashed in by pro-Mubarak supporters today. I wonder what his take on the subject is tonight. He was busy sucking up to the pro-Mubarak supporters just minutes before their batons cracked him over the skull.

Mob Rule vs Pro-Government supporters. Dear Comcast, your politics are showing (or your stupidity and I don’t believe that for a moment). It’s not flattering. You would prefer to lend support to a vicious dictator and adopt a “screw the people” attitude? My goodness. Who would have guessed. Who exactly are you protecting...and why? That’s a place where most Americans aren’t ready to go.

I feel sorry for the Egyptians and I offer them my worthless support from thousands of miles away. And a fervent wish that they succeed in ousting Mubarak and his government. They have to triumph or the government forces will track them down from the miles and miles of video coverage and torture them to death at leisure. That’s the way it works in Egypt. The people must triumph completely.


For those who would like more information from some of the horses’ mouths and where lively discussion is encouraged and where idealism and honor are still highly valued, I’d urge you to visit Mondoweiss. It is one of the finest resources on the Middle East on the intertubes. A fine community of bright people who care about justice and human beings.

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