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Guns, guns and bigger guns

I was just taking a stroll down memory lane this evening. At the very beginning of this blog, I had strong opinions (Oh what a surprise, that!). Turns out that my instincts, eight years ago were spot on. But then, many of us instinctively knew that an assault weapon free-for-all was horribly dangerous. How is it that the loons who think more guns = better are the ones who make the policy in this country as if the rest of us don’t exist?

Incidentally, I found this graphic on Gawker recently. Not for sure that it is genuine, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me. Seems to summarize everything wrong with our culture. Please enumerate the ways this graphic is wrong? I can’t get past the stuttering....

Posted by Kate on 12/21/12 at 11:35 PM



Glad I decided to rummage through old links! :o)

My spouse will find this one interesting… He has a pet peeve / pet fascination with what he refers to “gun porn” and “firearms fetishes”.

This picture doesn’t really need a caption or commentary.  Not because it’s “worth a thousand words”, but because 5 words would sum it up, and most of us know those words without anybody needing to say them.  And the people who don’t know those words, wouldn’t consider those words being relevant anyway, or they wouldn’t make images/messages like this in the first place.

I looked at your link presumably from 2004… And was amused that the date seemed to suggest you wrote the post just a few years after the Chinese perfected gunpowder.  :D lol
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