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Enough is Enough Rally in Washington, DC

OK, while I have been AWOL from Cider Press Hill, I have been busy!!  I got hooked on Facebook and tend to do all my ranting and raving there.  Don’t believe me??  Just ask Linkmeister as he knows!!

There is going to be a ‘by the people, for the people’ type Enough is Enough Rally on October 29 in Washington, DC and I will be there!!

Last time I did anything on this scale (and I am assuming this will turn into a large scale event--at least I surely hope so), was back in the 60’s when we marched against Viet Nam........never ever against our soldiers and veterans, but against the war.  And that is a story for another day!!

However, I am one of thousands of “Coffee Party Members” and to that end, they and a few other organizations have decided there will be a People’s Rally on the 29th.  I decided we would go and combine it with a visit with our older son and his girlfriend....nothing like inviting yourselves to someones’ house and saying BTW, we are participating in a March/Rally on the 29th!!  But they know me and love me in spite of my decisions!!  And my husband is on board for this one as well.

I was asked, as many others are being asked, to write a blog piece for the event and I just did.  I wish I had Kate’s way with words, but below is exactly what I sent.  Not sure where it goes from here, but somewhere I am sure. (Circular file??)

Why am I coming to the Rally on October 29???...........I wish I had some incredibly intellectual answer or could say a lightbulb (a real lightbulb) went off in my head, but it is simply a response to everything that has been happening in our world; it’s the right thing to do and the place we need to be. 

I am but one of the thousands, millions, more likely, long considered the ‘silent majority’.  We hate what is going on, are dismayed by the machinations of the people who have been elected to serve the people, yet we continue to sit silently by while they destroy everything past generations believed in and worked so hard for. It is no longer enough to just rant to your friends, to tweet or sound off on Facebook.  I think we need to be there, be seen and be heard.  Perhaps by standing up and speaking out, more and more will follow suit.  It is time to drown out the rhetoric of those who would have you believe they speak for us and, in fact, only speak to their own lives and their own wallets and the people who continue to line those wallets.

The time to be silent is long gone.  When I listen to elected officials, who were elected by the people to serve the people openly admit their main goal, their only goal is to defeat President Obama in 2012, you know something is dreadfully wrong.  Really?  Defeat our President??  What about the thousands of children in this country who go to bed hungry and get up hungry each day.  what about the people who cannot get (and if the tea party has their way, will never get) medical insurance?  Did they forget about the people who are unemployed, who have been for 2 years or more and probably have little or no hope of finding employment that will allow them to provide for their families and live with dignity.  Many Republicans don’t care.  I care. We should all care.

Democrats are far from perfect, we have bad apples too; however, this current crop of ignorant Republicans, particularly the tea party members, campaigned on JOBS.  They were going to be the party that set the country back on the right track.  Well, what they neglected to say was the track was a track for the top 2% to more wealth, a track for the ultra rich, many of whom have never done an honest day’s work in their life. Their wealth?  Garnered on the backs of the rest of us.  Oh wait, they are not the ultra rich, they are the ‘job creators’...and if you believe that one, then you deserve to have someone like Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin or, better yet just throw all their names in a hat and pick one, running the country.

They have turned our political processes into a joke and I am fed up.  We need solutions, not rhetoric, We need people to come together for the good of this nation, not for the good of corporations (who, by the way are not people) and we need these politicians to remember why they were elected.  It is time to take back our country from the fat cats, the special interest groups and work together to build our country back to what it can and should be.

I have so much more to say, but I think this is enough for the moment.  We have to start someplace and this is the place.  I can only hope and pray we have not put it off too long.

And now, they emailed to say that since they are going to make this an open mike event (with hopefully Dylan Ratigan, Jon Stewart and others) for the ‘people’, would I consider speaking… Oh.My.God.  Just what they/I need.............Send me your thoughts so if I do, I can speak for ‘my’ people!! ;)

So stay tuned, this ride could turn into an interesting one!!


Posted by Cyn on 08/25/11 at 01:02 PM



My daughter fusses at me when I post political stuff on Facebook.  I’m trying to abstain from that, because it really does turn into a cesspool - as Linkmeister will confirm!  I keep hoping for a revival of blogging.  I guess I should revive my own blogging first, huh?

Posted by Harry on 08/25  at  04:34 PM

I know what you mean.  I posted something the other day that said Liberals are smarter and better liked or something like was tongue in cheek and prefaced it by saying this will some heads explode.  So I could not wait to post it!!  And then to be sure some heads did explode, I posted it on a few key pages which was great fun. 

Our sons are adults so they really pay little or no attention to what I post which is good.  Actually the oldest is my ‘friend’ on FB and the younger one refuses cause he says he ‘has his reputation to protect.’

I used to say I wanted to get back to blogging and then Kay was very generous and offered me space to do whatever I do here, so I do.........just not nearly as often as I had hoped I would!!

PS--My blog post above has been modified some...because this is not necessarily a liberal/Democratic rally, I took out specific references to parties and made some of my directed anger more generic.  It sounds better the new way!! ;)

Posted by Cyn on 08/25  at  09:08 PM

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