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Charlie Sheen

I figure unless you live in a cave in the depths of a mountainous region, relatively unvisited, you obviously have heard, seen, read about all of Charlie’s exploits.  It is virtually impossible not to.  I have not searched out any information about him, haven’t picked up an article specifically to read about him and yet, I probably could pass a test all about him!!  I loved Two and a Half Men from the day it came on the scene and still, juvenile as it can be, like it.  Makes me laugh much of the time.

I cannot help thinking, though, that while Charlie has obviously fried his brains over the years - and only he knows the extent of that - I personally think he is a fox.  A very sly fox.  If I were in a position to bet money, I would put it on him, he is going to come out of this smelling like a rose and probably will get most everything he is looking for.

Got an email yesterday from Sirius Radio (I have a subscription for my car), inviting me to listen to a new station.........Tiger Blood Radio, about, who else--Charlie Sheen.  PUH-Leese.  I really can think of better ways to spend my time. 

And that brings me to the point of my rambling--most of you are too young to remember or know anything about a movie from the late 60’s called “Easy Rider.” Was my favorite back then, loved the song track (”...don’t bogart that joint my friend...") and the movie.  If you are too young, google the movie and you will see what I am getting at.  Now, you cannot tell me Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda were choir boys.  In fact, if the things we heard then--and more recently, on a graveyard tour in N’Orleans--were true, then they might make Charlie look like an amateur!! 

The only difference I can see between then and now is we did not have the ability to hear about things happening the second they did, there was no such thing as the internet, cells phones--forget that, TV was so limited--so if you heard any stories, most likely it was because you knew people who were there.  We had friends involved in the industry back then, my best friend was living in Santa Monica and so yeah, we heard stories.  But nothing like the way we get information today.  So for those who are getting all bent over this and tsk tsking about his behavior, he really isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been done--and maybe better, who knows.  The media, entertainment media and the ones who call themselves newscasters(??) have latched onto this and feel this need to blast the airwaves with updates every 10 minutes or so.  Heck, a show that I always thought was pretty reputable spent an entire hour the other day rehashing everything he has said and done.  Get. Over. It. !!  I am just grateful he is not my son, my brother, my nephew; other than that, I intend to sit back and just wait to see who wins.  As I said before, my money is on Charlie!!

And now the sun really is out and maybe it will jump up to 60 the way they have promised all day, so I am heading outside!!


Posted by Cyn on 03/05/11 at 01:53 PM



When I think of Charlie Sheen, I think un-treated bi-polar. I just feel sorry for the schmuck. He’s going to be exploited because the media can make a mint off him. Train wrecks attract eyeballs. Charlie appears, currently, to be too messed up to make rational decisions for himself or to self-censor.

Don’t you think Nicholson and Hopper have/had way more talent and artistry than Charlie has exhibited so far? I think they cultivated their bad boy images, but not to the extent of blowing up their careers. (and ultimately, Hopper turned into a loony right-winger, go figure.) Fonda is a whole other story. That’s not to say Charlie doesn’t have talent, but ....

Posted by Kate on 03/06  at  12:42 AM

I agree with you Kate (untreated bi-polar) but I am not sure he is as messed up as he would have everyone believe.  Just read an interesting article in the Globe about his exploits and it more or less is saying the same thing.

You are absolutely right about Nicholson and Hopper, I think they were way more talented than most actors today.  But perhaps they were able to not blow up their careers simply because media then was not what media today is.

I still think there is a method to his madness and when the dust settles, assuming he does not kill himself in the process, he will come out with everything he wants and smelling like a rose.  Only time will tell!! ;)

Posted by Cyn on 03/06  at  11:20 AM

Remember when I said he is crazy like a fox...and so now, supposedly CBS wants him back and if you can believe at least some of what you read, it appears to be pretty much on his terms.  I also heard this one man show he is going to be doing is pretty much selling out everywhere he is going to be.  ALthough that could be cause everyone who buys tickets is hoping the show he finally goes totally over the edge will be the one they are at........ Crazy world.

Posted by cyn on 03/22  at  08:52 PM

Definitely crazy. I’ll give him that. And with plenty of enablers around him who, I’m sure, have a vested interest in the “train wreck syndrome” that afflicts people in this country. He may make millions, but he’s still certifiable and it’s tragic. He’s lost just about everything except money and he’s probably lost a lot of that, too. Wondering if he will survive long enough to rebuild any kind of relationship with his kids, if he’s allowed anywhere near them.

If this is an intentional ploy, then it is a sorry commentary on us who feed the beast and on him for being such a bankrupt human being. Not that I dislike him or anything. Really...I don’t. It’s just the whole dirty linen airing in a spectacularly public way and then making money off it that drives me nuts and is utterly repellent.

Posted by Kate on 03/23  at  04:20 PM

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