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Snow, Snow and more Snow........

Friday, 8:23 am

By Cyn




Kate, we need a weather button that says SNOW, more Freaking SNOW!! ;)

OK, so this has been such a lovely week.  Went to work Tuesday in the snow--my boss called early in the morning and suggested she pick me up since she drives a BIG, black SUV and I have a cute little white sports type car that cannot be seen in the snow!!  She lives right up the street from me so just came here and picked me up on her way.  So good, took us ONE hour from my house to the office--a trip that generally takes 20 minutes.  Along the way we saw a van totally flipped over and 3 other cars that either were involved in the accident or stopped to help.  Trucks fishtailing but still trying to drive too fast and all the usual nonsense that goes on in the winter.

We get to the office, settle in and figure we would just hunker down and get a lot accomplished (I had packed my Nook, along with a couple paperbacks in case we were stuck there all night).  But, the next thing that happens is the internet goes down......amazing how a business is practically paralyzed without the internet.  We waited an hour or so, did other stuff and still no internet, so packed it up and headed home.  Another hour on the roads, which were way worse than they had been earlier.

We stopped for lunch at a little Thai place in the town where we live since it was on the way--they were thrilled to have the business--after all not too many idiots go out and drive around, let alone go out to lunch, in the middle of a storm.  So, no worries, I worked from home the rest of the day.

Wednesday, I get up, get ready for work, am about to leave, the phone rings, it’s my boss, she is in the office and there is still no internet.  SO, I work from home all day.  I do not think I would like to do that on a regular basis.  It is OK once in a while, but on a daily basis, I do not think so.

Got in a full day at the office yesterday and today...................another freaking snowstorm.  GRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Long range forecast says another storm coming in Tuesday.  Our son, Eric, gave us tickets to Jersey Boys (I have been dying to see it) for Tuesday night in the city and they were crazy expensive so I am going come hell or high Snow??  ;) I figure if worse comes to worse, we can park at the train station in our town and go in that way.  I am SO sick of this winter already.

Speaking of my little car--Does anyone remember when some parents bought those long poles with orange flags on them for their kids’ big wheels so they could be seen by cars?  Mine would never have allowed it cause they had their reputations to think about (LOL), but some kids had them.  Well, I need one for my car.  The snowbanks around here are so high, easily 3-4 times higher than my car that not only can no one see me, I can’t see around them to pull out of our neighborhood onto the main road or any other intersection.  It is a little scary.  Truthfully not many cars can see around them, but mine is small and white and that makes it that much more difficult. 

Oh well, I just have to suck it up cause for sure I would never buy myself a practical car!!  And before you think that is stupid considering that we live in a snowy part of the country, consider husband has his second car that does NOT play in the snow at all.  Now that is stupid!!  Mine goes through the snow, etc. very nicely, it is just the height of the snowbanks etc. that are posing a problem.  But his car fishtails in just a hint of snow.  His last one was a Porsche and it was awful; so when he finally gets rid of it, I assume he will get something a little more practical.  NO.  He gets a testosterone filled Mustang.  He was going to put snow tires on it this year, went to a bunch of different places and they all told him to save his money, that it would not really make any difference.  So now he is dependent on me letting him use my car and I am not all that generous!! ;) I figure if I am miserable enough about it this year, next year he will garage the damn Mustang for the winter and get something practical.  Yeah, and pigs might fly too!!

And on that note, I think I should do something, anything other than sitting in front of a computer bitching about the weather.  We DO live in New England and it is supposed to snow, so I guess I need to just suck it up and shut up, or move to somewhere it doesn’t snow............Hawaii beckons!!

Happy Friday!!



Well, doesn't this just put the frosting on the cake....

Friday, 11:58 am

By Cyn




partly cloudy

According to the Minnesota Planetarium Society, here is where the real signs of the Zodiac should fall.  Get ready for your world to change forever!! I wonder what Nancy Reagan will have to say about this!!

Let’s see, a few days ago I thought my birth sign was Sagittarius (Nov. 24) as was my husband (Dec. 14) - trust me, I did not think that through very well some 40 years ago.  LOL Our sons were both Capricorns (Dec. 22 and Dec. 27).  Now I am a Scorpio - SCORPIO?  You have got to be kidding.  Joe is something I cannot pronounce and sounds dirty, but isn’t.  It means something like snake slayer which could not be further from the truth and our sons are now under the sign of Sagittarius.  Go figure!!

Whether you go along with it or not remains to be seen but it will make for some interesting conversations for the next few days or weeks and that is always good!  As for me, I read my horoscope a few times a week in several different places, choose the one I like best or none of them if they all are uninteresting.  So I guess you could say I am not really terribly sincere about it all.


I've been NOOKED

Sunday, 11:03 am

By Cyn




I wanted a Kindle after doing my due diligence--asking everyone who reads Cider Press Hill and doing internet research but got a Nook instead.  Not sure what the real differences are or if there really are a lot.  Supposedly Nook has more titles available and I can access books from my local library using something called Overdrive.  The person who gave it to me said she did not think that I could do that with a Kindle.  SO we will see. 

So far I have not been able to figure out how exactly to download books using Overdrive.  I guess I will take my Nook to the library and ask someone there.  I have done several things, but nothing seems to work.

I have purchased a few books from Barnes and Noble and they seemed to have downloaded just fine.  I have to go sit somewhere for a couple hours tomorrow so am planning on taking it, instead of 2-3 books with me.  Then I can report back as to whether or not this is a good thing or noooooooooo.  I will love it I think when we travel cause now I can just take it with me instead of a suitcase full of books (yes I am nuts!!).

And on that note, I shall close. 

OH, Jets vs Patriots next week, what do you think??



Oh my, time does fly by.....

Saturday, 8:30 pm

By Cyn




No button to say snowy night!

I cannot believe how long it has been since I popped in.  Am home tonight even though it is date night (GASP), which is wicked unusual, but took pity on my husband since I knew he really, really wanted to watch the football games.  So one of his buddies came over, they are in the family room watching and I am sitting in the kitchen playing channel roulette.  Iron Chef competitions--just watched them cook Octopus a zillion different ways, back to the game, then to the hockey game, then back to Iron Chef.  It could be worse!!

SO, was hoping to catch up on Kate’s life and her readers’ lives, but to my surprise I was the last one here.  This is not good!!

What to talk about..........I have to confess I made myself a “few” Nutty Irishman (men?) drinks - or my version of one - tonight so probably anything I even try to comment on will not be terribly coherent. 

I do want to mention the tragedy in Arizona.  Linkmeister - who used to post here often - and who is a friend on FaceBook posted something a while ago to the tune that the Palins, Becks and the rest of the whack jobs in the public eye really need to be careful how they phrase things and what they say.  Not that this kid necessarily took their comments and decided to go and shoot some people, but he might have been a fan.  We may never know.  But if they are in the public eye, then they have a responsibility to watch their mouths.  Just take a look at the phrases Palin uses most often.  What exactly is she saying?  What is she telling people they should do if they do not like the status quo?  And Michele Backman and Sharon Engle. Seems to me they are copying her words themselves.  I realize each of us is responsible for his or her own actions, but there are enough people out there not dealing with a full deck and if they decide these people - Glenn Beck, O’Reilly, Palin, Coulter and others are speaking directly to them, then we are in a world of ****.

And on another note.  Has anyone been following the story about the little boy who was killed at a gun show in Massachusetts a few years ago when he was firing an Uzi??  The trial has just started so it is back in the news again.  I believe the father is suing the organizers of the gun show, the police who were on duty there and everyone else he can think of.  Excuse me?  It is another tragedy and that little boy should be alive and well today.  However, not for one second do I believe ANYONE other than his father is responsible.  He is the adult, he was the boy’s father, he IS the one who thought the kid should be allowed to fire the gun.  I do not care how many adults were there and in charge.  I don’t care that it was supposedly legal.  Dad should never ever have taken the kid there in the first place and certainly should have had enough brains to know this was not something a small boy should have been even THINKING about doing, never mind being allowed to do.  This case should have been thrown out long before this.  Dad cannot place the blame anywhere except where it belongs--on his own shoulders.  We have to begin to accept responsibility for our own actions and stop trying to point fingers at everyone else. And yes, I know this is a direct contradiction to what I wrote in the paragraph ahead.  But there are significant differences between these two terrible events and therefore I am sticking to my story!!

What else?  Holidays are over, seems as if they never arrived.  Our tree is still up and lighted and beautiful.  Last year our first one died two days before Christmas and I had to run around and find another perfect one (and did!!)--this year it is an incredibly healthy tree and looks and smells as wonderful today as it did when it was brought into the house around the 14th of December.  Go figure!!

And now it is time for another NI--a little decaf coffee, some Bailey’s, some Frangelica, topped off with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Anyone want to join me?  So, so smooth................