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Saturday, 3:51 pm

By Cyn




partly cloudy

OK, so been here a week and a half and today is partly cloudy with some light showers, first time!  Usually it rains through the night and is gorgeous all day.  But I am not complaining--somehow a rainy-ish day here is not like one in New England, it really is not a factor at all unless it is torrential!  So I just might postpone my daily swim at Kailua Beach until later.

After all of our trips here, we pretty much have it down to a science Our first day here, Joe joins a gym for a month (yeah he is one of THOSE types), this year it is 24 hour FItness.  On the days he goes to the gym, he drops me off at Kailua Beach--me, my boogie board and my books (life is VERY good), when he finishes whatever he does, he comes and joins me for an hour, back to the house, shower, change and off.  If it is not a gym day, then we go early to sightsee, explore new places and revisit all of our favorites.  Already made one trip out to the North Shore, will hit it one more time before we leave.
A hike in the Waimea Valley is on the schedule next week, along with a tour of the Macademia Nut Farm.  We have been there at least 4 times--in fact we took our friends who live here to it!!--but never took the tour cause we were never there on the right day, so we are determined to do it. 

Spent yesterday at the Blaisdell (sp) Center in Honolulu at an “All things Hawaiian” show (Steve, if you are reading this, I would recommend it, it was terrific, lots and lots of samples of foods etc to try - and lots of made in Hawaii products.  We were there, along with another college friend of mine Marcia for over 4 hours.  Then off to Waikiki Beach, watched the sunset - spectacular as always, and dinner at one of our favorites.

Did I mention I could get real used to this??  My body is totally on Hawaiian time right now, I so do not want to go back to NE.  Love swimming every day, being able to stay in the water for hours without freezing to death!  Not too many negatives to living here, other than the cost of real estate and food.

Went shopping for ingredients for a dinner I made last week, plus some extras and the bill was close to what I spend a week at home.  Food is HIGH!  But you do not pay heat and a lot of other things we pay for on the mainland so I think it is a wash.

Taking everyone out for Mexican food tonight, so should be fun!

OK, just thought I should post something.  More when we return to work, home and reality!!



Switchel: A Hot Weather Drink

Saturday, 10:17 am

By Cyn




partly cloudy

Was going through even more of the papers from my mom and dad and found this recipe.  My dad used to make gallons and gallons and gallons of it when he was a farmer, and most especially during the haying season. 

Speaking from a very distant memory, I think it was disgusting.  But he and the other men swore by it and that it kept them hydrated and cooler........So, without further ado, I give you Switchel!

5 Tablespoons Ginger
1 Cup Vinegar
3 Cups Molasses
8 quarts cold water
*Optional - 3/4 Cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

Get this really cold (seems to me, I remember it being kept cold in big milk cans in the cold water they kept the milk cold in!!) and drink!



Friday, 8:43 pm

By Cyn




clear nightclear night

The countdown begins.  Nearly time to head back to Hawaii for our ‘almost’ annual visit.  Each time I wonder if it is the last time; if the appeal has run it’s course.  I will have to let you know when we return............or while we are there!!

So, am starting to make lists and try to consolidate things.  House charger for cell phones (Check!)--finally got smart and got HIM the same phone as me!!  Car charger for same (check); Digital camera (check); Charger for it, along with extra battery. (check); GPS (yes you CAN get lost on an island)--first time Joe went with me (and my trip by myself is a story for another day), I took him on a tour.  Managed to get ON the Army base, and took forever to find my way off. Of course he just sat there laughing like an idiot.  Today I would probably end up in jail-then tho, no one paid any particular attention to us--Maybe it was the jeep!  And then another day I got us to a place where the road actually ran out, no road, good for off road vehicles, but no real road, so now I take the GPS. Charger for GPS, check! Netbook (check); charger for Netbook, (check); Ipod (check); Charger for Ipod - charger for Ipod (no check, cause it is not where it should be). 

Now how ridiculous is all of the above, my life has been taken over by ‘things’ and even worse, things that all need their own little bits and pieces to make my life better!  Better?  Or more complicated?  Sometimes I wonder and sometimes I swear I am channeling my mom!!

And books, god forbid I should go on a plane without books.  I have this fear of being without one or seven.  It is like when I used to smoke, used to panic at the thought I MIGHT run out in the middle of the night or something so always had extra.  Have transferred one addiction for another, although I have to admit, this one is a lot healthier. I am hooked on a series by J.D. Ward and the latest book came out about 6 weeks ago.  I have had it since the day it came out, have touched it, picked it up, turned it over and managed to NOT read it yet.  If it is even half as good as the others in the series, I will lose myself in it for most of the trip.

This time I am trying something different. I am always excited to go so the 12-13 hours go by--well, not exactly quickly, but not too bad.  Ahh, wrong, it is bad, but I am anxious to see our friends, so I can deal.  It is coming home that is the killer, it takes me days to get back on schedule here, the 6 hour time difference coming back is awful.  SO, we are flying Vegas, spending one night in Vegas, flying out the next AM on Hawaiian Air (and I have always wanted to fly on that airline) and then on our trip home, we go back to Vegas, spend 3 days or so there and then home.  I am hoping it will be easier and if it isn’t, at least I will have some gambling time!

And that’s all I’ve got people...........assuming anyone is reading any of this anyway.  The news the last couple of days might be marginally better than it has been.  There is still too much skepticism and racism out there but I don’t think that is going to change any time soon.  Just if each one of us does our part, one by one, by one we might begin to get through to some people.

OH, and at this very moment, the Red Sox are beating the Yankees.  One can always hope!!

So, Aloha and Mahalo--first of all to Kate for being so gracious and generous in allowing me to play on her blog and to those of you who actually check in here now and again and read my nonsense and, on occasion, actually comment on it!!

Blogging from Lanikai, (Oahu), will be starting before you know it!!