Cider Press Hill

Tap, tap...

Saturday, 10:22 pm

By Kate





I probably should poke my head in here and let you know that I am, indeed, still breathing. And probably will get back to blogging a bit more often and regularly in the very near future.

Summer is over. The lad left for school yesterday and, as usual, he left a gaping hole in my poor heart. I mean, by now we know this is as inevitable as the sun rising and setting. We had such a terrific summer. I suppose it is normal to not want the wonderful to end. Ah well. I miss him and the house feels terribly empty tonight (or as empty as it can feel with a cat and a dog racing around the place chasing wildlife....we’ll get to that story in a minute). Nevertheless, it is always a delight to see how excited he is to return to friends and the independence.

We certainly did give my checking account a workout the last couple of weeks. He’s sharing an apartment with three other guys this year, so needed housekeeping stuff. And cookware. And cooking utensils. He’s cooking for himself this year rather than relying on a campus meal plan. And that includes budgeting money for groceries and managing his finances for the semester. We wonder how much he will enjoy cooking by the end of the semester. We’ll see how the money management goes, too. I wouldn’t be too surprised if there are a couple of care packages filled with Ramen Noodles for those special occasions when the sink is piled high with dirty dishes, the term paper is due in the morning, and there’s not even enough time left to sleep, let alone cook. Possibly for those other rare occasions when the grocery money doesn’t quite stretch to include

So, about that wildlife the dog and cat are chasing around the house....

Last night Abbie (the cat) came up from the basement with her first catch of the season. I did not realize what was going on until she started mrrrowing as if she had a mouth full of marbles. I made the mistake of asking, “Abbie, what in the world do you have in your mouth?” She dropped a mouse on the floor and told me. Naturally, the mouse did not stick around for Abbie to have a second chance.

Sooo… now I have an itty bitty mouse zipping around my living room. Abbie has been a dismal failure at catching it today. Mackenzie is not much better, though she’s tremendously excited about this little creature that moves so quickly. If someone doesn’t catch it tonight, I suppose I will have to put a trap under the sofa. I really do wish Abbie would catch the darned thing. She is, at least, making progress. It wasn’t all that long ago that she was still afraid of mice.

I guess it is the season for mice to move inside. I expect this will be just the first of several hapless mousies. The days have already grown noticeably shorter and cooler. Autumn is in the air.

I have a feeling this intends to be a stormy autumn. We’ve already had the remnants of two hurricanes within a week, the most recent (Danny) departing here only a couple of hours ago. Probably just getting warmed up for the nor’easters. This is going to be the year for them. One after the other. I can just tell.

Over the last week, the lad and I stacked a couple of cords of wood. I’m now ready for the heating season. And the snow and the cold and more snow. This year I got my tarps over the woodpiles before weather happened. My wood is still thoroughly dry even though we’ve been practically drowned in this storm. Dry wood makes Kate a happy girl. What would make Kate an even happier girl, however, would be a lovely warm autumn lasting though Thanksgiving, an extended January thaw, and an early April spring. Is that REALLY too much to ask? I don’t think so.


The dog and bunny show

Tuesday, 7:36 pm

By Kate





This afternoon, Mackenzie (the dog) was sunning herself out on the deck when something grabbed her attention. She began barking with purpose. I peered out the door and found her standing at the top of the deck stairs, barking and hurling dirty looks out into the side yard. I looked over and there was a large bunny rabbit sitting in the grass, staring back. Neither was behaving true to prescribed form.

I’m not certain which one surprised me more—a dog who wasn’t interested in chasing a rabbit or a rabbit who wasn’t scared of a barking dog. But in any case, I don’t think Mackenzie is going to be much of a squirrel or rabbit chaser. There goes my idea for a squirrel free zone this winter. What a dog, I tell ya.


When silly isn't silly

Sunday, 10:51 pm

By Kate




partly cloudy

This has been a summer of watching (or trying to ignore) the vapid idiots on the idiot box. I swear to heaven that journalism is in dire straits. God almighty, I used to think Lou Dobbs was kinda hot. Now I think he’s a total jerk. That’s some kind of downfall. And it’s all because he thinks it’s wicked cool to encourage the folks who are convinced President Obama is an alien or something (birthers).

After having perused the web on a number of occasions and read the opinions of Americans who believe that one must have two American natural born citizen parents to be an American citizen oneself, I’m ready to believe that we are totally doomed. What the hell do they teach in US schools these days? Anything about the United States Constitution??? Has anyone under the age of it???

I’m sorry to say that moving to Europe looks better and better. And that totally irritates me. This is my home and I want to be here, but it feels foreign lately.

Just saying.

I can’t believe that the yammerers on the idiot box represent the majority of us. Where are the infamous silent majority? Who’s speaking for us? I’m pretty much middle of the road and I’m feeling as if I’ve been pushed to the fringe. I’m not fringe anything. I’m pretty mainstream and I resent like hell being shoved to the curb.

The media are nuts. They don’t speak for me. And I’m sure that I’m not alone in feeling alienated. What is in the water that makes the media turn lunatic fringe? I’ve talked with friends who think the nightly news is something directly out of 1984. It’s scaring them and stressing them out to the max. Me, too.

This is silly season in the US. Except, it’s not funny. It’s terrifying.

What will it take to recapture normalcy? I shudder to contemplate that, actually.

Get a clue, media. We’re not laughing. Or smiling.

We’re puking.