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Quotidian events

Friday, 3:55 pm

By Kate




light rain

Yes, well, I’m still alive and enjoying my summer far more than should be legal. I’m way past the point of bitterly complaining about the rain that still falls. In fact, after reading the latest long-range winter forecast, I’m reveling in the thought that I don’t have to shovel rain. So, yes, summer has much to recommend itself to me and I’m enjoying it to the hilt. I’m sure that if the government knew that people could have such fun being so thoroughly mundane, they’d find a way to tax it to death. I’m just enjoying my lad being home, reading library books as fast as I can get my hands on them, cooking good eats and eating good cookin’, and keeping the yard work up to date. I look out my windows and think, “Gosh, it looks nice out there.” Anyone who knows me, understands that this isn’t something I say lightly. It does look nice out in my yard and I’ve worked hard to make it so. So has the lad. Thank goodness for youthful vigor.

As a matter of fact, the young maidens in the neighborhood (the ones over the age of 13, but still under 16), have decided that my lad’s youthful vigor is simply awesome. When he goes out to do yard work with me or for me, the grapevine jangles and before you you know it, there are three or four young ladies hiding behind the large evergreen shrub in the side front yard. Regardless of time of day, they bring their cell phones along as props and pretend as though they’ve stopped to talk on their phones, while peering out from behind the large evergreen shrub to see if they can catch a glimpse of the lad. Lots of giggling ensues, of course.

He, naturally, thinks this is mildly humorous. Although he did mention, “if I were to look at them cross-eyed and their fathers caught me, I’d be doing hard time or worse. They don’t get that they’re totally off limits, do they?” Well, no. Little girls’ minds don’t operate that way. Young girls are the center of the universe and they hope, pray, believe with all their might, that men the lad’s age will perform heroic acts of romanticism in their name. Simple as that. And you know, I’ve been there, done that a long time ago.

Nevertheless, it astonishes him that he is interesting enough to warrant such attention. Don’t they like boys their own age, for crying out loud?

Um. Not if there is something better (older, more mature) available in the neighborhood.

I suggested that he go out and make their day. Just take the dog for a little walk up and down the street and stop to say hello and pass the time of day. He thought that was a doable project. Mackenzie was more than happy to comply. He stopped just briefly to say, “Good afternoon, ladies. It’s a beautiful day, don’t you think?” He gave them a dazzling smile and continued on. That’s all. I got to listen to the young ladies after the lad wandered off up the street...while I did yard work...they didn’t notice me at all. It was comical. Lots of squeals and “OMG, OMG, OMG. He’s so cuuuute.”

There are some things that haven’t changed a bit since I was that age. Truly. It really does make me smile. 


How to build an ark

Thursday, 11:58 pm

By Kate





The Boston Globe has a sense of humor!

We’re in the worst recession of most people’s lifetime, and in the midst of the worst stretch of summer weather that anyone can remember. Have things reached biblical proportions? Maybe not, but just in case, we thought it might help to provide instructions on how to build an ark.

How to Build an Ark.