Cider Press Hill


Saturday, 9:12 pm

By Kate




mostly clear

As promised, here are a couple of photographs of the bird-nest-in-a-wreath from my front porch. The last I mentioned, there were 4 tiny eggs in the nest.  A couple of days later there were 5 eggs in the nest. Now, there are 5 tiny baby birds in the nest. They have all successfully hatched. Mother and father birds are taking good care of their babies.

As you can see, baby birds are not exactly the picture of cuteness. They, in fact, seem to be an undifferentiated mess of fluff and chicken skin. But really, there are 5 baby birds in this nest....this nest that is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. These babies are tiny! And they are so helpless and dependent on their mother. I felt a little guilty for chasing their mother away to take these photos. They sensed my presence and the one showing the yellow beak was ready to be fed. That one is going to be the first one to fledge, I’ll bet. As soon as I’d taken the photo and gone back in the house, the mother came back. Everyone is doing well.

larger drop down image

larger drop down image


Just a word about Pepto Bismol, an ad for which I just saw on the teevee....

NOW.....NOW they come out with CHERRY flavored Peptol Bismol??? After making me suffer for an entire lifetime with WINTERGREEN flavored Pepto Bismol? I have hated the flavor of Wintergtreen since I was a kid. And whenever I see that horrible shade of pink I not only think of Pepto Bismol, I can TASTE Wintergreen. It would have all turned out so differently if Pepto Bismol had been Cherry flavored. I swear, it would have.