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He's baaack

Tuesday, 12:00 pm

By Kate





Somewhere I ran across an ad last night for a PBS program series called Wide Angle. It’s a series of international current affairs documentaries and, this year, will be hosted by Aaron Brown. It looks as if the documentaries will each be available for web viewing, too. So. After a two and a half year stint of teaching, Aaron Brown is contractually freed to begin broadcasting again. Very excellent news.


You mean the earth isn't flat?!

Friday, 2:39 pm

By Kate





Let’s hear it for another special moment in women’s television. The question was....Is the earth round or flat? This question was posed on the Emmy award winning show called The View, that erudite symposium of eloquence and cat fights.

Now, excluding the possibility that Sherri Shepherd’s concept of the world consists entirely of Kansas (which mathematically proved to be flatter than a pancake), did she have the momentary image of earth twirling in space like a sheet of paper? To implant an unforgettable image, perhaps she needs to see this beautiful movie of the earth’s rotation, taken from the Galileo spacecraft somewhere around 1990.

The following day there was follow-up discussion during which Sherri was given the chance to defend or explain herself. She said she had a ‘senior brain poopy moment’ and she was nervous and flustered and her brain froze. I dunno. Is the question really that hard? Her view of the world is evidently two dimensional, in more ways than one.

Is this what it takes to sell ads on TV anymore?!

(via Americablog and The Daily Background)


Coming up for air

Wednesday, 8:40 pm

By Kate




partly cloudy

I’ve been totally immersed in the Harry Potter world for the last 3 days and 3 books. It’s time to come up for air and take a look around. The world is still more or less in one piece, it appears.

My television has been unplugged for the last two months, so I’ve been spared the most egregious excesses in so-called news coverage. Like the extensive coverage of Lindsay Lohan’s arrest this week. From what I read elsewhere, you’d never know that, as far as television is concerned, any other news existed. It seems as if I’m not missing much by not having the television plugged in.

The question is...will I plug it back in this autumn? I don’t know yet. You’d think that if I could get along without it for this long, maybe I could get along without it for a lot longer. Maybe a Netflix (or Blockbuster) subscription in place of cable would be a good substitute.


Living with Ed

Monday, 3:25 pm

By Kate




partly cloudy

During my internet travels yesterday, I discovered that there is a new television program on HGTV called Living with Ed. The blurb for the program says:

TV and movie actor Ed Begley, perhaps the greenest man in Tinsel Town, rides his electric car to the Academy Awards and powers his home with the sun and his stationary bike. But Living with Ed and his environmentalist passion isn’t always a walk in the park for wife, Rachelle. This first-of-its-kind reality green show chronicles life with an earth-friendly fanatic with humor and heart. Check out this fresh unscripted docu-soap about the lifestyle of a diehard activist who puts his money and his time where his mouth is 24/7. Definitely not recycled TV.

So there was a dilemma. I’ve been TV free all week and not suffering from it in the least. But then this show arrived to tempt me. I caved. And what a mistake that was.

On the one hand, I’m delighted to see environmental activism, practiced in the home, brought to the wider public in easy to digest programming. But, for interest value or the protagonist vs antagonist slant, the husband and wife team on this program are at odds at almost every turn. By the time I’d finished watching, I wondered what in the world they see in each other and why they are still married. That overshadowed everything else potentially good about the program and it was disturbing. Well, I was disturbed, anyway. I don’t find any humor in spouses incessantly carping at each other.

Back to life without TV where peace reigns.


So I went shopping...

Thursday, 9:28 pm

By Kate




partly cloudy

Say hello to the newest member of my family. It’s a Sharp LCD television—a tiny little thing, with a 13 inch screen, but just right for my room.

I’ve been noticing lately that the old (and I do mean old) one’s screen had started looking fuzzy and everyone sounded as if they were talking with a mouth full of marbles. Turning the volume up didn’t help all that much and anyway, I can’t turn the volume up too loudly or I’d blast my neighbor out of her bed. I thought about headphones, but the old television didn’t have a jack for headphones.

So I went shopping tonight. And I really liked this little television. It’s a slim (no tube sticking out behind), enhanced definition tv, not high definition, but I wouldn’t get a high definition television unless it was a much larger one and I’m not prepared to spend that kind of money for something I don’t watch that much. My new little tv is compact and rather unobtrusive and my oh my, is the screen ever sharp. Nobody sounds like they’re talking with a mouth full of marbles, either. I can also plug headphones into it, which means I don’t have to worry a bit about disturbing my neighbor if I turn up the volume. And with the sleep timer on it, I think I’m in a little bit of tv heaven now.

Yeah, I’m pretty pleased with my new purchase. It’s kinda cute, isn’t it?



Sunday, 6:16 pm

By Kate





Last weekend I programmed the TiVo to record some shows and then I never sat down to watch any of them. For some reason I think I ought to—maybe because I’m paying the subscription for TiVo. But I never got around to sitting down to watch any television this week and so, today, I thought that would be a good plan. But sitting in front of the television in the middle of the day seems kind of decadent and I can still hear my mother saying that productive people don’t watch television in the middle of the afternoon (unless it’s baseball!). She did have her priorities, after all.

Then I had an idea. I’ve been putting off a pedicure. And since I was also freezing (and am stingy with my wood supply), the idea of soaking my frozen toes in a bath of hot water sounded oh so appealing. Three birds with one stone. So that’s what I did. My toesies are now just lovely little things and I’m warm and I caught up with some television. I *can* multitask.

What I watched:
Battlestar Galactica
Men in Trees

What’s left:
Stargate SG1
CSI (Las Vegas edition)
Keith Olbermann
Daily Show

When baseball is over, House and Bones will also come back. Stress!


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