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Wing-Dings - now it makes perfect sense

Sunday, 10:52 am

By Cyn




Well DUH, now this explains everything--if you read my post this morning about typing something in wingdings, this will make sense to you.  I had NO clue what wingdings were, but here it is in black and white, DINGBAT fonts.  Perfect! Dingbat Fonts


So above you is what I wrote, it was much prettier on my word document though..........if you are inclined, feel free to translate it--you should be able to.  You see, I was afraid that I was going to have to make a little speech this afternoon so was playing around with words.  Then in the middle got the call I was off the hook. someone else would.  Yay, thank goodness.  So, now we all know, I AM a dingbat!!


Have some fun with words

Friday, 10:24 am

By Kate





After our recently departed monsoon, mother nature has decided to surprise us with a beautiful day and low humidity. It must have been a last minute surprise because the weather man surely didn’t see it coming. On such as day as this, one drops what one is doing (or planned to do) to rush outside and hack through the jungle that has miraculously taken over during the deluge. There are no fewer than seven locust trees that have gained a toehold in the middle of my back yard. They are determined little things. That’s the perversity of nature for you. The trees that I want to grow in the places where I want them to grow seem to be precisely located in the most sterile spots in the neighborhood. The trees that I don’t want in precisely the places where I don’t want them thrive and appear almost overnight. It’s a good day to do battle.

While I’m out toiling in the dirt, you might be interested in creating some word art. It’s addictive and I must stay away from it for the balance of the day. I owe a hat tip to Linkmeister for this one. More fun than should be legal.

Make a word cloud out of almost anything...your blog front page or anything else you choose. Here’s mine—it’s a Wordle word cloud of Robert Frost’s poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.


Or, if you prefer, this one.



Fingernails down a blackboard

Wednesday, 10:40 am

By Kate





If I never hear the word surge again, it would still be too soon. What an overused word that has become. Every darn time I read an article about anything, there seems to be some sort of surge going on. How did people express themselves before surge became the word of the hour? This has been grating on me for quite a while. Every time I run across it, I want to shriek in pain—a daily occurrence, now.

Evidently, I’m not the only one. Reuters reports that the word is included in a U.S. university’s annual list of words and phrases that deserve to be banned. I hope journalists pay attention. The article is entitled “Perfect Storm” of cliches make bad English list.


Nix the empire rhetoric

Thursday, 7:03 pm

By Kate





I have noticed lately, that more and more news articles refer to the United States as the American homeland. It’s bad enough to be stuck with a clunker like the Department of Homeland Security, but do the media have to glom onto the name, too? How many little Americas do we have out there anyway? I thought the United States was pretty much it. American homeland sounds like empire talk. Is someone planning on annexing something to the United States? I’d hope not. Why can’t we call the United United States? Or America, if you’d prefer. But dump the homeland garbage. It sounds stupid, pretentious, and arrogant.



Thursday, 4:50 pm

By Kate




partly cloudy

The National Weather Service’s Space Environment Center web page is being reformatted (none too attractively, in my opinion) and states that “the new page will be deployed November 13, 2006.”

In all of the years that I’ve surfed the web, I really do not recall anyone ever deploying a redesigned website. It seems like an odd use of the word, though technically correct, I suppose. Just kind of militaristic. Not that I’m surprised by that these days, but it still sounds odd to my ear. For a space related page, the word launched would have worked better for me.


We are consumers

Tuesday, 3:54 pm

By Kate




partly cloudy

I tuned into an NPR program on the car radio a while ago and the word “consumer” came over the airwaves several times in a matter of 30 seconds or so. I assumed I was listening to a person speak about commerce of some variety and waited to find out who was speaking and what it was all about. Well, turns out the program was with a California police public relations officer of some importance. I think from LA, but I couldn’t swear to it. This officer was speaking of a new public relations campaign wherein citizens are no longer just citizens, they are now consumers of police department services.

I appreciate the part where they believe the police department has to reach out to people and show them the police department’s purpose is to serve the community, but I don’t like the idea of the citizenry being labeled police consumers. It seems to me that you can’t get much farther removed from a community than by labeling your community members as consumers. There is something wrong with the idea of people being labeled consumers before being called community members, especially when we are talking about a public/civic organization that is supposed to be one of the community’s strongest supporters and enforcers of community standards. I don’t think of myself as a police customer and I don’t imagine most people do. It seems to me that this is public relations gone a little bit awry.


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