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Can we talk..........again?

Monday, 1:22 pm

By Cyn





SO, my home (where I grew up) in the Berkshires is for sale, it is vacant (of people, nothing else) and for sale - anyone interested, let me know, we’ll really talk!  Anyway, I may have mentioned this before but on the strong advice of my accountant and attorney, I went through the proper channels to change the insurance from regular house insurance to vacant home insurance.....or so I think--more on that later.

The local insurance agency my mom always dealt with said yes, you must change it and just because it is you--hahaha--the cost is about $6500.00 a year.  Now my mom was under-insured, she knew it, we knew it, but it was not my decision to make, but to jump from $500 a year to over $6000 seemed a little ludicrous to me.  So I checked with my agent here, he said TAKE THE DEAL, I said what deal, he said best I can do for you is between 7-9,000.  Holy S***!  So I took ‘the deal’ kicking and screaming all the way.  I still don’t get it, but.

So today the policy finally arrives--all 100 pages or so it seems.  Can I read it?  Not really--nor quite frankly, do I want to.  But I flipped through it, the name of the street/road my mom lived on is wrong in every instance.  One place they are calling it EQUIPMENT Street?  Hello???  Egremont sounds like equipment??  Throughout this policy it refers to commercial property which it is not.  Or to the best of my knowledge, a residence is not commercial or at least not in this case.

But the best part is this and I am quoting directly from the policy:Absolute War or Terrorism Exclusion - The following supersedes the terms and conditions of this policy.  If the policy to which this endorsement is attached contains an exclusion for War, that exclusion is deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following.  If the policy to which this endorsement is attached does not contain an exclusion for War, the exclusion below applies:  This insurance does not apply to...and company will not defend or pay loss for any claim arising out of...1.  War; 2. Warlike action by a military force, including action in hindering or defending other authority using military personnel or other agents; 3. Insurrection, rebellion, revolution, usurped power or action taken by governmental authority in hindering or defending against any of these; or 4. Terrorism, including any action taken in hindering or defending against an actual or expected incident of terrorism. It goes on from there, but you get the picture..........

OK, now some of you might know where this house is--if not, let’s just say it is in a tiny little town tucked away in the Berkshires, about 7 minutes from the NY state line, 20 minutes from the Connecticut state line and perhaps 45 minutes or so from the Vermont state line.  If war hits there or there is a terrorism attack, then (and excuse my language) we all had best kiss our asses goodbye cause we will have NO chances to survive!!  scared  I mean really!!  That is insane.  And before you ask, I did opt out of that coverage, it probably would have cost another $2,000.

Have a lovely day...........




Sunday, 8:27 am

By Cyn




partly cloudy

I had no intentions of posting anything today, it is supposed to be a lovely 80 degree day and if you know anything at all about Massachusetts weather, you know that days like this can be fleeting and then we drop back to 40!

But this is too good (and I use the term good loosely) to not post.....

Yesterday I was volunteering at a local thrift shop in my town, something I do on Saturdays, 2-3 times a month.  The group of women I usually work with are often of the same political persuasion as me and we have some really great discussions during slow periods.  While talking about the candidate I am working for Debra Silberstein for the State Senate to serve the 2nd Essex/Middlesex District, someone suggested I should check out the website of the independent candidate for this seat.

I do not want to mention the candidate’s name - based on her weak website, I doubt she or her people are savvy enough to know how to search the web looking for any and all mentions of her name, but don’t want to open up a can of worms.  If you want to look at her webpage, I have given you enough clues to find it.  There are more than a few things about it I find distasteful but the reason my friend was sending me to look at it was her first sentence at the top of the page--it states that she is a 12th generation American mom (???) followed by I believe in:

1. The Constitution of the United States
2. The Bill of Rights
3. State’s Rights
4. LESS Government control
5. America and her people
6. Our voices being heard
7. The wisdom of our Founding Fathers

Thinking what I am thinking???  If you do a websearch of this person’s name, the first thing that comes up is a page to donate to the tea party, presumably in her name...I got out of there fast cause I figure just being there probably means I will be inundated with email from them.

So, everyone yesterday thinks (1) I need to post something on her page to the effect of “is that all you got” referring to the 12th generation........after all, I can trace my ancestry back to (on my maternal grandmother’s side) to someone who came here on the Mayflower; on my paternal grandmother’s side, to the American Revolution (and yes she was DAR, I was CAR and supposed to be DAR, but it was not my cup of tea--no pun intended); and on my paternal grandfather’s side, to an American Indian-- and (2) SO, based on that I should run for office, no??  I mean really, how ridiculous can you get.  OH, and the best part--she is running because she met Scott Brown in January and was inspired to do so.  WOW, are you impressed yet??

And that is all my scintillating wink chat for today, enjoy this weather!!



Bucket Lists!

Friday, 8:24 am

By Cyn




partly cloudy

Good Morning....the phrase “bucket list” has been around forever, but lately I am hearing it more and more, so guess it is currently the “in” phrase.  And that brings me to today’s post....what is on your bucket list or do you even have one?  I don’t think I really had one but I have been thinking about it and I have a few things, nothing very exciting but here NO particular order: 

Travel to Italy - Greece - Ireland - Amsterdam - as of now, we will be going to Italy next Spring, was supposed to be this fall, but one of my best friends who is a travel agent, suggested we wait til spring.  So we will, I am expecting to do 2 weeks or so in Italy next spring, and then somewhere else in the fall of 2011.

Key West - Charleston, SC - (these are easy ones, not sure why I have never been to either, but plan to remedy that--maybe this coming fall).

A 2 week cruise--somewhere (this is a problem cause my husband is not crazy about the idea unless he can see land from the ship the entire time.  Why??  I have no idea since even if he can see land, the odds of him being able to swim to it if he had to are slim to none!)

Spend 3-4 months on Oahu each year - this may be attainable in about 2 years from now.

Drive cross country - (younger son has done this 3-4 times, taking a different route each time and has had a ball.  He camps out a lot which will never happen with me, but still)

Completely empty my closet and start over (not a chance!)

Learn how to do more than the basics on a computer

Have someone (like HGTV) come in and redo a few of my rooms - (they make it look so easy).

Grandchildren.............unfortunately nothing I can do about this one and it does not appear to be on either of my son’s bucket lists.  ;)

Empty my mom’s house in the Berkshires; find an auction house to come in and take what no one wants and sell on consignment, and then have the perfect person come along to buy the house.

See, I said nothing special on mine--maybe cause I never really thought about it before.  A few years ago I would have had things like learn to surf, learn to parasail and more of that sort on there, but now, I don’t think so!!

And, to brighten your day, will leave you with this silly little joke.......made me laugh, hope you laugh too.....

An old lady was standing at the rail of the cruise ship holding her hat so that it wouldn’t blow away in the wind.

A gentleman approached her and said, “Pardon me, madam..I do not intend to be forward but did you know that your dress is blowing up in this wind?”

“Yes, I know,” said the lady. “But I need my hands to hold onto my hat.”? wink

“But madam, he said, “you must know that you’re derriere is exposed!”??

The woman looked down, then back up at the man and said, “Sir, anything you see down there is 85 years old, but I just bought this hat yesterday!"



TGIF on Thursday

Thursday, 7:33 am

By Cyn




light cloud

No, I am not confused........well yes I am, I am ALWAYS confused--but today is MY TGIF day cause I have Fridays off, so therefore, Thursday is my Friday.  Got it??  And boy am I glad even though the weather for the next 3-4 days is supposed to be crappy--showers, damp,cool.  Oh well, at least I do not have to go to work so that is good, I guess.  And I will have no excuse NOT to stay home and do stuff if the weather stinks.

When Kate and I first talked about me being a guest blogger it was cause I had SO much I wanted to talk about.  So how come I have this big blank spot in my head now that I have a place to talk........Huh? Huh?? What is up with that?  I could spend time ranting and raving about Sarah Palin cause that woman just makes my blood boil, but why bother--it is because she had been paid so much attention in the media and everywhere else that she survives and is making money hand over fist......last count was $12 million or more just this past year.  So why would I want to add to the hype.  Someday those who think she is the second coming (of what??) will wake up and smell the coffee, until then, if you do have a need to read all the negative stuff about her, the really funny stuff, then go here Palingates.  There is a lot and I am not kidding, a LOT of interesting information on here - if you are really bored, then go through all the posts regarding her supposed pregnancy and birth of ‘Trig’.  Interesting..... 

On the same page there is a story, with accompanying links about Glen Beck.  This is how it starts,First of all, Glenn Beck found God, finally. “Media Matters” reported yesterday that in an emotional message to his listeners of his radio show, Glenn explains that God has given him a plan, that there are no coincidences etc. etc., and he basically says that from now on only God will rule his world. Unfortunately, Glenn Beck in this clip doesn’t go on to thank God for the $ 32 million he earned last year, which I think would have been an appropriate thing to do.  This clip really is worth listening to. Glenn Beck sounds like the “male Sarah Palin”.

Anyway, as I said, if you have time on your hands and are even remotely interested, it is all quite interesting.......

What else?  Oh, this is OLD news, but you all have read and I am sure, discussed, the story of the woman who put her adopted Russian son back on a plane and sent him back to the orphanage in Russia. I have been thinking about it since the story first broke.  At first I was all about the poor little boy. then I read more and thought that perhaps the mother was ‘somewhat’ justified.  Then I was thinking it was all a hoax, along the lines of ‘balloon boy’ and done just for publicity.  But then there have been the reports from medical experts saying that he was a danger to his family, etc.  Do you think, honestly, a 7 year old boy can pose a danger to other people?  I suppose they can, but is it irreversible?  The more I hear, I think there is no clear cut right or wrong in this story, that there is a lot we do not know nor ever will and that everyone loses in this one.  However, I did read just yesterday, or heard it, not sure - that the mother has already started proceedings to adopt another child.  My question is, if she is all about adopting an older child which she seems to be, then there are lots and lots of children here in the United States that need homes.  I realize to adopt an infant is hard here and that is why people go to other countries (and I have a lot of thoughts about that too--but will save for another time), but why do you need to go to Russia to adopt a 5 year old or older child?  I bet the orphanages here are full of young children who, because of their age, are hard to find homes for..

So, the Bruins have won 2 in the playoffs so far--who knew?  I used to be a huge hockey fan, and then have fallen off the wagon some over the last 4-5 years.  I think part of my displeasure, other than the fact that the Bruins have been godawful the last several years, is that players get moved so often, you need a scorecard to keep track.  Used to be you knew everyone on the team and they were there for a long time so you really got involved.  Now it is all about the money and I find it boring.  But here they are with two wins under their belt when they could barely find the puck during the regular season.  It would be nice to see them go deep into the playoffs, but I am not counting on that.

And then there is the Red Sox, talk about bad.............they lost what, something like 5 or 6 in a row and then the last two nights have started winning again.  I think there is some karma between them and the Bruins.  Bruins win, RS win.  Bruins win in OT, RS wins in OT (last night).  You have to admit it is kind of strange!!  I finally succumbed to family pressure and have, after a gazillion years, become a Red Sox fan.  I am still amazed at myself--but if they start trading lots of players so I don’t recognize names anymore, then I will drop off the bandwagon!  And before we know it, it will be time for football.  I do love my Patriots!! 

OK, that’s it, your turn!!



And so it is hailing outside

Friday, 3:07 pm

By Cyn




light rain

Wish the weather button on here said freaking cold, hail, snow in the forecast, miserable, rotten, typical NE weather!! Anyone want to know how I really feel?  Nah, didn’t think so!!  The tan I have is going to quickly become the tan I HAD. 

Been thinking (always dangerous)--if there were to be a theme song associated with Sarah Palin, what would you choose?  I think - right this minute, anyway - my choice would be “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.” No offense to the real reason behind the song, but she cannot get away from her gun comments and so somehow, I think this might be a good one.  What would be your thoughts?

Found an article on bizarre foods this morning which I pasted on my facebook page.  So far have had some interesting food choices from my friends........interesting in that, with the exception of grits, were different and yes, perhaps bizarre.  I commented that I love ‘sweetbreads’ cooked my own way which is an organ meat most people would never eat, my mom used to make baked stuffed beef heart (I grew up amongst farmers and farms) which was incredible, along with tongue which made the most fantastic sandwiches if you used horseradish (also homemade) and mustard.  None of these would qualify as bizarre - at least not to me, but they definitely would not fall into a classification of normal, either.

My dad used to make a drink called Switchel which Wikipedia describes as made with water, vinegar, ginger and sugar and found great popularity in the hayfields of New York in the 1930s.  Well, my dad used molasses not sugar or perhaps both and it was used exclusively during the haying season.  He made gallons and gallons of it for the men who were working along side of him in the fields.  Once I was old enough to drive (13? 14?) my job was to drive one of the wagons as the men (and cute boys my dad hired for the haying season) walked along beside the wagon and tossed the bales to someone standing on the wagon stacking them.  If you think it was easy, think again.  Their jobs were hard, the guy standing on the wagon stacking had a really tough one (especially since it was often his daughter driving the tractor!!) and it was hot and miserable work.  But my dad swore by the switchel and everyone drank it.  I used to try it every day and it was truly disgusting.  But there must have been something to it cause no one ever got sick or passed out from the heat or dehydration.

And since I am rambling about haying season and my driving the tractor - much to my mother’s dismay cause she always wanted me to be the perfect little girl - I will share this story.  My grandfather was never happy about me driving and helping, used to mutter things about “GIRLS” under his breath.  But he was from another era and girls did not work along with the men in the fields.  I only did it cause of the (see above) cute boys my dad used to hire!! ;) But coming back to the barn, you had to go down a rather steep hill onto a rickety (or so it seemed to me) bridge over the river.  I would promise my dad each time I could do it and then get about halfway down the hill and panic.  I always was afraid I would go too fast and the wagon would somehow run over me (hey I was a GIRL) and wagon, hay, tractor, me and whoever else was riding on the wagon would go crashing into the river.  SO, everything would come to a screeching halt, I would be in a state of panic.  My dad would have to ease up behind me, and slowly take over.  Then my grandfather - who would NEVER ride on the wagon when I was driving, would really mutter about the uselessness of females on a farm.

Ahh well, it makes me chuckle thinking about it.  Hope you all had a good laugh at my expense as well!!

And now I must say goodbye as I am meeting some of my friends for dinner tonight and time to think about getting ready. 



Odds and Ends for a 'Good Friday' Morning

Friday, 8:35 am

By Cyn





I think the weather button above should have the option of saying FULL SUN, BRIGHT SUN, GLORIOUS SUN, WARM SUN--just sayin’!!  This appears as though it is going to be a TD (top down for those who do not know me) kind of day!!

Am I one of the only people in this world that had NO clue what Anime Boston is?  In case you are the other person, it is an annual three-day Japanese animation convention held in Boston, Massachusetts. Anime Boston 2010 will be held Friday, April 2nd through Sunday, April 4th at the Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Boston Hotel.  Anime Boston 2010 will once again be presenting popular events which include a masquerade, an anime music video contest, video programming rooms, an artists’ alley and art show, karaoke, game shows, video games, manga library, dances and balls.  See, I am doing my part to broaden your horizons.  My favorite early morning radio personality spent an inordinate amount of time talking about it today so I HAD to do some research.

For once I am ahead of the curve This article begins with “Sick of Beige?  Now’s the time to brighten up.” Well, you read it here, I have had COLOR in my house for a long time.  Bright colors cause I love color and hate beige.  My world is never beige!! (Before my older son was married-- and now divorced--I asked a friend who has two married daughters, what the mother of the groom was supposed to do.  Her answer:  Wear beige and shut up. Well we all knew THAT would never happen!) Granted I tend to lean toward blues and yellows, but color I have.  When we were doing what turned into a total and massive kitchen renovation my boss - who works with designers all the time - said you need to do the walls in a cream or beige, surely you won’t put yellow on them, will you?  Of course I was going to use yellow and I did, along with a little blue and everyone who comes into our kitchen (HA--MY kitchen) loves everything about it.

So today my horoscope is... Our spirits rise and the dark clouds are parting as the Moon enters outgoing Sagittarius at 12:52 pm EDT. Nevertheless, inflated expectations can create future disappointment. Fortunately, we become increasingly deliberate in our communications as talkative Mercury enters steadfast Taurus. Meanwhile, an unstable quincunx from Mercury to austere Saturn indicates that we still may say more than is necessary, only to realize our mistake too late.  (Huh?  What exactly does that mean??) The rest makes a little more sense......"The Moon’s return to your sign can be quite revitalizing today because she harmonizes with fiery Mars and the Sun. As long as you keep moving, you’ll be fine. Don’t think about what you are doing; just continue to do it. Logic is usually an essential tool for making a decision. Unfortunately, now it will only muddle your path with confusion. For the present moment, actions really do speak louder than words.”

Does this mean I should simply shut up, call it a day and go shopping??  Hmmm, makes sense to me!!  I think I shall start out with a nail appointment.  So, on that happy note, I wish you all a good ‘Good Friday,’ Happy Trails and all that sort of rot and off I shall go.....



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