Cider Press Hill


Friday, 3:27 pm

By Kate





In the midst of the most fascinating political mayhem I’ve ever seen, one must take time out for practical considerations. I think we’re getting Tropical Storm Hanna tonight. Or the first rain bands, at least. Tomorrow the main deluge is scheduled along with quite brisk winds (50 mph gusts). I think the only real difference between this and a walloping good nor’easter is the name. I’d hope that the flashing around the chimney is up to the job, having had it recently repaired after it leaked during the last nor’easter. And then there are a few wood piles to protect.

I went out and covered them up a while ago. I wasn’t prepared for a storm like this yet, so had to use what I had on hand. I could have gone out to hunt down some new tarps, but I have other things to do and prepare for this evening and I didn’t want to spend the time crawling through Wally-World looking for tarps today. What I have is a thin sheet of plastic. Or thin vinyl...or something. I think it was supposed to be a paint drop cloth, but it was so darned slippery (and huge) that it was useless. It’s sturdy enough, but not ideal for the longer term. In any case, I tossed it over the woodpiles and secured it as well as possible with heavy logs, with the long tail end of the plastic wadded up and weighted down on the ground at the north-northwest end of the woodpiles.

This is the first time I’ve stacked wood in that location. It’s pretty protected—on the southwest side of the house with a stockade fence protecting the entire south side. The wind and wind-driven rain should come from the north, so the bulk of wind should miss the broad sides of the wood piles. Guess we shall see. This is a good test run for winter. Once this storm is past, I’ll know what I need and what needs the most protection. If my wood gets wet, disaster. I still have the rest of September and October to dry it out again.

But still. Could live without a tropical storm. Wind-driven rain (sideways rain) really makes life miserable and ALWAYS finds a way into the house somewhere.