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Poor John

Monday, 8:44 pm

By Kate




clear night

If I were to take a WAG at the word John McCain would use to describe his staggeringly bad day, in the face of a major hurricane, greatly reduced convention, his VP pick lawyering up for her scandal deposition, and their joint announcement of the coming blessed event, the word would be DISASTER.

It feels almost unkind to point a finger at him and say, “THAT’S why there is this process called vetting a candidate (before selecting her), you maverick you.”

As for Sarah Palin, I have to question her thought processes when she accepted McCain’s VP slot, knowing the near certainty of her daughter being dragged into the national spotlight. Seems as if the decent thing would have been to decline gracefully. Some things are more important than ambition, no matter how hard to bear or how costly to one’s career. Protecting her child would seem to top the list. I don’t think I have much respect for this woman.