Cider Press Hill

Meet the 'keet

Wednesday, 2:04 pm

By Kate





Here is my as-yet-unnamed parakeet. He is, according to my research, a recessive pied parakeet. He will grow up to have relatively few markings on him, unlike most other parakeets. The top of his head will probably turn completely white after all of his adult plumage comes in. He’s about 3 months old, which is a little past the ideal time for training. It seems, however, that he is accustomed to being touched and handled. He has already climbed on my hand willingly and allowed me to give him chin scritches. He leaned into the scritches...he apparently liked them.

He’s still very quiet, but curious. He’s been taking in every detail and listening carefully to everything I say to him. I played a couple of audio clips of parakeets chattering and singing. He began hopping around his cage, chattering right back at them. He seemed so excited. Kind of made me feel bad. I think he’s lonesome and misses his former cage mates.

Abbie is taking him in stride, more or less. She finds him interesting, but not overly so. Mainly, she’s a little jealous of the attention I’ve paid him.

We’re taking it slowly, hoping he adjusts and feels at home soon. In the meantime, he also gets to listen to lots of Bach, which seems to soothe him. Perhaps he’ll start whistling a Brandenburg Concerto soon. More likely, he’ll start chirping like my telephone. That sound utterly captivates him.