Cider Press Hill

Doddering along

Friday, 3:28 pm

By Kate





Hellloooo. The cobwebs in here are getting a little thick. It’s been that kind of month, I guess. Not a great a deal to say about much of anything and then there’s the back issue which is slowly resolving itself. Slowly. Did you catch that slowly part?

I, of little patience, am sick of slowly. Sitting is now possible, for short periods. Standing is, too. Horizontal isn’t working as well as it did, so I don’t bother. Now it just hurts all the time, but each day there’s a little less—so it looks as if I’ll survive. I don’t exactly know what I did to myself, but I surely did a good job of it.

What I’ve decided, however, is that I have muscles that aren’t being used enough. Since I don’t want to start living like this every time I move the wrong way, I think it’s a capital idea to start stretching and strengthening some of those muscles. There is no motivation like the avoidance of pain, lemme tell you.

As soon as I am a bit more mobile, I’m plunking down the green and buying myself a gym membership. I don’t particularly like gyms, but that’s where the weight machines are. So. That is decided.

Meanwhile, the lad is due to arrive home in a couple of days, His last day on campus is tomorrow. He gets out of his last class/exam at approximately 1:00 PM. I haven’t talked with him since last Sunday, so I’m not sure whether his Dad plans to pick him up tomorrow afternoon or on Sunday. And I’m not sure whether he’ll spend a few days at his Dad’s house or head directly up here. We’ll catch up sometime this weekend. I wouldn’t mind a few more days to get myself and the house together before he arrives. But I’ll be awfully glad to see him, whenever he does arrive.

Of course, I’m also thinking...he has a nice strong back....hmmm. I believe that I will put it to some good use for a few days. I don’t think he will mind.


An observation:  I received a tube of IcyHot ointment a couple of days ago. That stuff is wonderful. I don’t think it cures anything, but it seems to do what it’s supposed to do....tricks the brain into forgetting pain impulses while concentrating on hot and cold sensations because, apparently, our puny brains aren’t capable of doing more than a couple of things at once. It works.

The smell is something else again. Lots of menthol. Abbie has been in a heightened state of excitement ever since I opened the tube. She has become my very, very, very best friend, following me around wherever I go. With her mouth slightly open and lots of drooling. At night, I have to hide my clothes so that she can’t sit on them and drool some more. Instead, she sits on me and drools and tries to climb into my skin. I smell sooooo wonderful.

This stuff must be like catnip to the 10th power.

It’s a bit disconcerting.