Cider Press Hill


Monday, 1:27 pm

By Kate





Can I just say Owwww? That’s what I’ve said hundreds and hundreds of times over the past few days. It all began Thursday evening when I was dashing around getting ready to go out to dinner. There I was in the bathroom, just having washed my hair. I was bent over blowing it dry when a strand of hair fell on my leg. I lifted my leg up to brush it off when I felt a little zzzzzip and a sting in a muscle located approximately in the upper left quadrant of my rear end. Now, it does seem an unlikely sort of place for a muscle to get all twitchy over the simple lifting of a leg, which I’m sure that I’ve done a million times before, but this time, there must have been a slight angle that the little muscle didn’t like. I don’t think it’s such a little muscle anymore. Either that or it’s one that’s attached to Everything Else.

Well, I knew I was still good for going out, but that by the next morning I’d have a little difficulty getting out of bed.

What an understatement. Ninety five year olds with arthritis get out of bed with more ease and grace. In fact, the only reason to get out of bed was to go to the bathroom and that was such an exercise in pain that I wasn’t too keen on that whole idea anyway. As long as I stayed horizontal on the heating pad, with lots of ibuprofen, and didn’t move anything, I felt fine.

Today I am able to move around and even sit in a hard, straight backed chair that doesn’t require too much movement to get out of. Those are pretty much my options at the moment...a hard, straight back chair or horizontal. If I sit in my deep comfy chair, I won’t be getting out of it. And walking around for more than a couple of minutes makes the muscle seize up and grab. Oh, that hurts.

It will be better tomorrow and better yet by Wednesday and, by Thursday, maybe even all better. That seems to be the nature of these muscles that go zzzzzip all of a sudden. For the time being, though, I hurt a lot and feel like I’m a hundred years old.