Cider Press Hill

It's that time of year

Wednesday, 8:56 pm

By Kate




Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. It’s that time of year where the green things grow faster than I can keep up with them. By the time I’ve finished mowing one end of the lawn, I swear that the other end has already grown two inches. And there are gardens to hoe and new beds to build and a lawn to seed and good golly, the list seems to be endless. About every spare second I have is devoted to it and I’m verging on overwhelmed at the moment. I was thinking today that I’d like to borrow someone’s husband for a couple of days. I’ve got holes to dig. I don’t especially like digging holes. Not tree sized holes, anyway.

It was a beautiful sunny day out today. Temps were up in the low 70s (for once!) and I accomplished a lot. Although it seems rather more like a small dent when I think about the entire list of things to do. But it was lovely being outside. The bumblebees were very busy and cordially allowed me passage when necessary. They aren’t aggressive little critters. I’m really glad to see them around. The yellow jackets, on the other hand, are beastly. They were out looking for nesting sites, investigating every nook and cranny on the property. And they expect the right of way wherever they go. If you don’t give it to them, they’ll just mow you down. I had a couple slam into me today. Fortunately, they didn’t get too hostile about it—a couple chased me around a little bit, but mostly they were more interested in continuing on with the mission at hand. They make me uneasy.

The next door landlord spread something on the side lawn today. Fertilizer, I think. I’ll have to chase him down to find out for sure. If it was fertilizer, that means my remaining grass has now been fertilized twice in two weeks. I don’t see any good results coming from that. I do hope there wasn’t any seed inhibitor in whatever he put down or I might have a devil of a time sprouting any grass seed. I’ve just about had it. Could it be any plainer that I am just NOT supposed to have grass? I wasn’t home when he blew through or I’d have asked him to attend to his side of the yard and leave mine be. It seems to me that it would be a good and neighborly propriety to consult with a lawn’s owner before dumping stuff on in. Well, by the time I’ve finished reconstructing things, there won’t much lawn left on my side, anyway (not that there’s much left now!). We’ll both be happy about that, I’m sure.