Cider Press Hill

My poor dead tomatoes

Sunday, 1:38 pm

By Kate




light rain

Remember all those seeds I planted? That was about 6 weeks ago. The seeds all came up and everything looked fine. In fact, my peppers and onions and cabbages look quite robust and happy. My tomatoes, however, are dead. And that was totally my fault.

I’ve been in the habit of taking the tub of seedlings outside during the day to soak up the sunshine (such as it is) and then I bring them back inside at night. The first several days, I kept them shaded a bit, so they wouldn’t burn up. I gradually introduced them to more sun and they took off like weeds. However....

I forgot to bring them inside a couple of nights ago. And, wouldn’t you know it, that was the night we had an unexpected frost. Apparently the tomatoes are a lot more tender than the rest, because they all curled up their little leaves and keeled over while the rest still look all happy, healthy, and sturdy.

That’s disappointing. I’m so annoyed with myself. They were doing so well, too. Now, I’ll have to buy a flat of tomato plants instead of planting my home sprouted ones. I’m sure they’ll taste good, but probably not nearly as good as my home grown ones. Just because.