Cider Press Hill

I want a Kindle

Thursday, 3:42 pm

By Kate




partly cloudy

About the last thing I needed was to see a Kindle up close...and even get my hands on it. I am so in love. I WANT one. Do I need one? No. Could I convince myself that I need one? Well, I’m pretty good at rationalizing things. Sure, I could. But, really, if I want to spend that kind of money, I think a freezer would be a whole lot more practical.

Sigh. I don’t want to be practical. I WANT one.

When my ‘add to shopping cart’ finger started getting a little too itchy, I gathered up my stuff and rushed to the library to get paper books (The Mayor of Casterbridge and Storm Front). That should hold me for a couple of days. Maybe this lust will pass by the time I’ve finished reading them. If not, I guess I’ll have to rush back to the library for more. And keep reminding myself that borrowing books is FREE. Yeah but....