Cider Press Hill


Friday, 5:58 am

By Kate




partly cloudy

One way to make myself especially popular is to dash into the lad’s room, at a couple of minutes past seven, and shake him awake, yelling, “You’re gonna be late”—and then remember there is no school because it is teacher enrichment day.

Teacher enrichment. Where do they come up with these names?

Anyway, my popularity rating took a hit this morning. He just wandered by, muttering something about somebody baking chocolate chip cookies later today to make amends. I can probably do that.

Meanwhile, the firewood situation is showing signs of trouble. I took a day to think about things and a couple dozen other people jumped into the void and snapped up orders. There appears to be a bit of a shortage all of a sudden. The same thought that occurred to me apparently occurred to a lot of other people. Bad hurricane—higher prices and shortages. Get wood now. I have a little left from last year, but not nearly enough. Shoot. I’m entering panic mode.

Update: I feel better, I think. My regular wood guy has tons of wood, but he’s been out in Colorado for the past month, working on some wood related project. His wife said he had been due home today, but now he’s stuck because of the hurricane. He was supposed to fly into Houston and then north. The airlines are a mess and the earliest he can get out now is Tuesday. So, it’ll probably take a couple of weeks before he gets his wood orders taken care of. His wife assured me that he has plenty. The only wild card is that she has no idea what price he’s going to charge. This could end up being a little more expensive than I’d thought. But at least the wood is available and his regular customers get first dibs.