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Thursday, 3:14 pm

By Kate




I love weather. In theory, not necessarily in real life. I am fascinated by large weather systems like hurricanes and nor’easters. And here we have one huge hurricane churning its way across the Gulf of Mexico.

Something so destructive and deadly can still be a thing of beauty. In theory, of course. Considering the death and destruction delivered by Katrina, which wasn’t as powerful as Rita, it’s probably not politic to wax poetic about such a storm. But still. Look at the symmetry in this image from last night when Rita was at her peak. She was more perfectly formed than any hurricane I’ve ever seen.


And this image of the hurricane, with the perfectly formed stadium eyewall. Even the hurricane hunters remarked on its beauty in the moonlight. How awful that something so beautiful can be so destructive.


Some other Rita links of interest:
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Interactive Map of Oil Rigs in the Gulf - with Rita’s path through them. (occasionally it’s very slow to load)