Cider Press Hill

Old made new again

Wednesday, 9:27 am

By Kate





Seemed like a good time for a template change. I recycled this one from last year and made a few changes. I’m not sure how it will look on other computers—depends on if you have the Trebuchet ms font. If you don’t, it might look weird. Or maybe not. As always, if you have any problems, give a holler.

I’m still not feeling very chatty, so posting remains rather light. The gloom and doom conveyor just keeps rolling along. In the wake of the hurricane, I hadn’t thought about the environmental consequences of pumping the toxic water out of New Orleans. It sounds as if the contaminated water may have nearly as large an effect on the Gulf Coast as the hurricane had. I’m not sure what the alternatives would have been, but it might have been a better idea to take a little more time to think it through first. But there probably is no good or even better alternative.

Well, I finally shut the television news off last evening and curled up with a good book and a cute little snuggly cat. Those are what I’d call simple pleasures and I swear you can’t beat ‘em.