Cider Press Hill


Thursday, 1:49 pm

By Kate





I am pretty amazed at the pounding the government is taking from the media today, regarding New Orleans. It’s become vicious. Not without a damned good reason.

I’m pretty sure I heard excuses offered at an earlier news conference on why our military personnel can’t really be deployed to the area. They aren’t trained to do police actions. My jaw hit the floor. I can think of one huge policing action they are qualified to be massively involved in. What about deploying the ones still left at home to rescue people? How about simple humane jobs like getting food and water dispensed? I don’t think restoring order is beyond their capabilities. They could be put to good use. These are not exactly normal circumstances. It’s a freakin’ emergency of astounding proportions.

I notice that Haley Barbour got several thousand National Guard troops in the past day or so. What about Louisiana? They appear to have a greater need for assistance right now. Rescued people are dying from the heat, lack of water, and food. Babies are without food. Children have no water or food. Elderly people have no medical assistance. Why not? Where is the help?

And now the mayor of New Orleans is planning to lead his people out? By walking? Jeez.

This is a g-d disgrace.