Cider Press Hill

Silent neighbors

Monday, 7:06 am

By Kate




It was a foggy morning and I was out early. Cemeteries are among my favorite places to go with a camera. And this morning, with fog heavy on the air, I hoped to get a couple of good shots. I’m pleased with the first photo, not so much the second, but I love the contrasts. I’ll have to try again when the mosquitoes aren’t so hungry.

larger image

4 crosses
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This cemetery goes back to the American Revolution, but it is still used. One of the first markers I saw, when I entered, was for a 16 year old girl who was run down by a drunk driver a couple of years ago. Her boyfriend was walking her home, one evening, when a 19 year old zoomed down the street and plowed into them. The boyfriend and the driver survived. The girl didn’t. The entire town was in shock. The anniversary of her death was this month and her gravestone is decorated with bright flowers, balloons, and at least a couple dozen teddy bears in a rainbow of colors. I didn’t want to take a picture of it. It would have felt like intruding on a whole lot of grief.