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Another day, another rule

Tuesday, 11:51 am

By Kate




partly cloudy

In a new twist on high school education, the lad’s history teacher requires each student in the junior year to write a thesis and then defend it along the same lines as a masters or doctoral thesis. Tomorrow is his day to defend. He’s not too worried about that, but he’s not very happy about the rules that go along with it.

The student will wear a suit and tie or a nice dress.

The student will have no facial hair.

The lad can live with the suit, not happily, but it’s only a half hour out of his life. It’s the facial hair thing that has his ire all riled. He has been cultivating a beard for the last several weeks, spending a great deal of time trimming it just so. It looks really nice, too. It has filled in nicely and he keeps it trimmed, short and neat.

Now, what does having or not having a nicely trimmed beard have to do with defending one’s thesis? I don’t get it. But I am worn out from arguing with teachers. I’m not sure it’s worth it, sometimes. One picks one’s battles, and in the scheme of things, a beard is probably not a worthwhile battle, as offensive as the rule may be.

As I am often heard saying around here, “Just hang in there one more year, buddy. When you get to college it’ll be a whole new world.”