Cider Press Hill

Curious looks

Saturday, 6:49 pm

By Kate




partly cloudy

Sometimes I am not above bribing the lad to do chores. Today I wanted him to mow the grass. He hasn’t done it more than once this season—I give him special dispensation when he is up to his eyeballs in school work and job and sports obligations. But school is finished now. Still, mowing the lawn isn’t his idea of a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and who am I to argue with that? It’s not my favorite job either. So, I made a deal. You mow the grass and I’ll buy you your favorite food. He said deal. Sushi.

He mowed the lawn in record time. And I pulled weeds and weed whacked around the edges. We look pretty good around here again after a few days of rain.

Afterwards, rather than clean up, we just got in the car and went to the store. He in his rumpled tee shirt and shorts and me in my rather untidy jeans. I wasn’t out to win any style awards, simply wanted to get the shopping done. Quickly.

About halfway through the store it occurred to me that we probably presented a pretty unsavory sight to those who were exquisitely coiffed and dressed to the nines. I couldn’t help notice the little curious looks darted in our direction.

Oh well. The shopping is done, the sushi bought and eaten. I’m still considering whether my mother was right...we don’t leave the house unless we are neat and tidy. I’m not inclined to believe that we are what we wear, but then again...a clean pair of jeans without half the garden on them would probably have been a better idea.