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Downing Street Memo hearings today

Thursday, 11:48 am

By Kate




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Rep John Conyers of the House Judiciary Committee and other members of Congress are conducting a hearing now on the Downing Street Memo and subsequently released and related documents, investigating White House efforts to fix ‘facts’ to justify their decision to go to war with Iraq. The hearing is televised live on CSPAN3 (2:30PM—also can be heard on CSPAN’s website). This could be quite interesting. Former Ambassador Joe Wilson will testify along with 27 year CIA analyst, Ray McGovern, and Cindy Sheehan, whose son Casey died in Iraq, and constitutional lawyer John Bonifaz.

Following the hearing, Rep. John Conyers will deliver a letter to the White House, addressed to President Bush, containing the signatures of over 90 members of Congress and over 500,000 signatures of every day people like you and me (my signature is included). The letter requests that the President answer questions that have been raised by the Downing Street Memo.

It’s interesting. Today I heard a couple of journalists on NPR talking about the hearings and acknowledging that they have been talking amongst themselves, admitting that they have been wrong in ignoring the memo. I almost fell off my chair. But they’re paying attention now.

Better late than never. I hope this hearing does some good. And I hope the media run with it. The war in Iraq was started on false and trumped up information. That is illegal, unethical, and unforgivable.

But standard operating procedure for the neocons in charge.


Make it Blue

Thursday, 6:06 am

By Kate





Aren’t these cool?!

You can buy them in posters or tee shirts or sweatshirts or totes or mugs at (They donate a portion of their profits to state democratic parties and/or candidates and other progressive organizations). Pictures of what the images look like on tee shirts aren’t available at that site, but they are at, though that site doesn’t have as many on offer. I like ‘em.


I pledge allegiance...

Wednesday, 11:44 pm

By Kate




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The U.S. National Christian Flag

Marcia Thompson Eldreth took her Maryland pastor’s exhortation to heart—Christians in the United States should be flying the Christian flag, even if that meant someone had to make a new one. She drove 300 miles to be near Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting studios and got to work. The flag above is what she designed and what she showed Pat Robertson at an interview she was granted with him, the morning after she completed her drawing. He approved.

Since then Pat Robertson has promoted the flag on his show at least twice and Gary Bauer endorses it as well. Sales appear to be brisk. Along with the flag’s purchase, the buyer also receives the new Pledge: “I pledge allegiance, to the Christian Flag, of the United States of America, and to the Lord, who made us great and free. I purpose, to band together, with all believers, to protect the truth and liberty of God.”

Says Marcia Thompson Eldreth,

“Our enemies are, in part, domestic” she said. Along with being a “Wave Offering unto our Lord,” she urged supporters to view her flag both as a “declaration of war on Satan and his lies of liberalism and secularism” and “a prophetic proclamation of Christ’s second coming.”
“I am not politically correct,” she confessed. “Many here in northeastern Maryland have risen up, along with millions of other like minded Christians, to come against the lies of secularism and liberalism. We are here to declare truth. That is the only way our nation will remain free. Christ is truth and His Word is truth.”

I suppose, since I support governmental secularism and liberalism, that would make me one of Satan’s chosen. Marcia says on her web site (click on Pledge) that she and her supporters are not trying to overthrow the government or force anyone to be Christian. “We are, however, honoring our LORD and protecting our Christian heritage and liberties.”

That is the part that intrigues me. Why do the evangelicals feel as though their religion needs protection? I don’t think anyone has firebombed any of their churches lately. Nor boarded them up and prohibited them from worshipping. It’s when they get to the part about trying to enforce their religious ideals on ME that I feel a little infringed upon. When I and others like me voice our objections, we are victimizing them. How does that work, anyway? know, my impression is that, despite what she says about not wanting to force anyone to be Christian, she and her supporters would be pretty happy if all their dreams of conquest came true.

Her guest book does makes for some interesting reading, though.

(a nod to Alan for mentioning the flag)