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Monday again

Monday, 7:07 am

By Kate




partly cloudy

It’s a brand new week and it wouldn’t get off to a proper start unless I complained about the weather a little bit. I think we’ve been transplanted to the jungle. The humidity is so high that water is literally dripping off things outside. As if it had just rained. But it hasn’t rained. It’s just humid. And hot. The temperature never dropped below 75 degrees last night and we’re already up to a steamy 84 degrees this morning. I walked outdoors and instead of smelling sweet flowers and green things growing, I smelled mildew. This just plain reeks. There. That’s out of the way....

Over the weekend, the lad and I both developed head colds which are now migrating to the throat and lungs. We sound like a couple of fog horns. Much orange juice guzzling happening here in the hopes of mitigating some of the unpleasantness. This is the first cold I’ve had this year. I hope it’s the last. The lad’s ears are starting to fill up and ache. He dosed himself with Nyquil last night and slept with the heating pad on his sorest ear, but it didn’t seem to help all that much. He hasn’t had an ear infection in a long, long time. I told him he’s much too old for ear infections, but his ears aren’t paying attention. I suspect a trip to the doctor this afternoon will be in order. Poor kid.

After dropping him off at school, I stopped up at the local Dunkin Donuts for a brew. There’s a lot of activity up there this morning. Two huge new condominium projects are nearing completion and I think this coming weekend is the grand opening. The model condo unit is apparently open now, but the official opening is just around the corner. Tons of people scurrying around this morning ferrying huge boxes of appliances into the various units. I think there must be on the order of a couple hundred units. They are billed as luxury condos, called the Maritime Landing Condominiums. They’re located behind Dunkin Donuts, just off the busy main commercial drag. Behind the condos is a very old and run down apartment complex.

It’s not what I’d call a choice location for luxury condos, but, nevertheless, a brand new sign was posted this morning saying that the starting price is $300,000 for a one bedroom unit. I hope they are super luxurious for that price. I’d really like to go take a look at the open model unit. I’d like to see what luxury entails and what $300,000 currently buys. Well, they do have pretty French Doors leading out on to the small balconies, but they probably should have a lot more luxury than that for the price. People certainly won’t be paying for location. In a saner world, I’d judge them to be worth about half that price. But I appear to still be stuck in the 90s and I haven’t caught up with the times yet.

Edited: Huh, you can find anything on the web these days. The Maritime Landing Condos have their own page. Lots of talk about quaintness and seaport and scenic riverfront, but they’re located a long way from any water. Sounds nice, though.