Cider Press Hill

She complains

Tuesday, 2:09 pm

By Kate




partly cloudy

I’m still here. Hovering around in the background. My inspiration sort of struck and I’ve been tinkering with some new templates. (Think girly foo-foo.) In between letting Terry in and letting her out and letting her in and letting her out. ETC!!

And taking the lad here and taking him there. ETC!!

And it’s 90 degrees out with an equal or higher amount of humidity. Wasn’t I the one squawking about the cold and rain a week or so ago? It’s too early in the season to have the air conditioner cranked, but we’d perish if it wasn’t on. This house is one of those built 20 years ago when it was fashionable to chop down every single tree in a developer’s tract so that everyone could then move in and...plant trees. But trees don’t grow fast enough to shade houses for many years.

There must be *someplace* on this earth where the climate and I would be happy together. You’d think.