May 31
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aidan and I had a great time on our date yesterday. We left late morning and stopped and picked up some candy and then went to lunch and a movie! We went to see the new Pirates movie. It was a great time. The movie was almost three hours long but it just flew by! If you are a fan of the past two movies you will love this one. I am not to sure about the ending tho! Everyone in our house has a different spin on the ending lol. If you see it, you HAVE to stay until all the credits are done and watch the last minute of the movie to actually see the end! Zoe didn’t because she went on opening night, so we had to tell her about it.

Today is going to be humdrum compared to yesterday. Grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry. Oh, and can’t forget ironing Angus’s shirts! It’s so dang gloomy out today. What happened to our nice weather? Doesn’t make me want to get out and go thats for sure.

Well I guess I will try and put one update of what has been going on in the past eight months in each post if I can. First one that comes to mind? (Well second really, the first one is just mind boggling to write about right now) Angus went into congestive heart failure on Valentines day. It was just a small episode but, scary and surprising. There were no signs leading up to it, and there usually are. We didn’t find out why it came on until just a couple of weeks ago! The company he works for changed insurance companies and they have been sending him a wrong prescription! It was the right name of the med so we didn’t catch it. It was one that has an additive in it, like DL, DS, that kind of thing. Which was written on the prescription. So that was fun.

Needless to say we have made several trips to the Big City for lots more test, just to have a nurse that works for the health insurance company during a “How satisfied with our company” survey catch the mess up. Ya. She asked him to read off all his meds and the ML on each pill that he takes to do an update on their list. And when he left those two little letters off she asked if he made a mistake, that it should be, such and such DL. Nope. So doctors are called and they have on recored when they called the prescription in it was the one with the DL or DS on it. Of course the insurance company is denying that it was their mess up.

Angus is doing well, and we don’t see any future problems now that he is on the right meds again. So hope fully the only trips into the hospital will be for regular checkups a couple times a year.

Time to start all the fun stuff to do on my list today. Yay!


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May 30

Yup, I guess it has been a long while. Eight months. Wow time flies when you are just having so much fun with life. I actually could not freaking remember my password to log on lol. Kate if you need it for anything just let me know and I will email my new one to you! If I remember it.

A lot has been going on in the past eight months. So much I am not even sure I can remember it all! I will try, just not all in one post. Maybe as I get back into blogging again it will come back in bits and pieces?

Life is just that right now. Life. I am working now, finally as Angus says lol. It a job. And thats just about how I feel about it too. Yes it sucks but, hey its a little more money coming in than when I wasn’t working. It’s in retail. Retail is something I didn’t ever think I would really do lol. I have pretty much always had a job were I was working with the public, which I do like. Even the hard to please ones lol. But retail end of it, never thought I would do it. Yup I am a “ Cashier” in retail.  Woo Hoo!

So I will see how it goes. After I am there for a while there is possibility to move up. How long I have to be there, I don’t know. I do know that I am going to keep looking for something else while I am there though.

Our lives have been a little crazy with everyone getting used to me working and not being at their beck and call every second. Angus mostly. Ya, big surprise? I thought he would wait until I had been working for a few months before he started complaining that he didn’t have a weeks worth of shirts ironed for him to choose from. Or that the black socks he wanted to wear are not in his draw but, he guesses that this pare will do. Or that he hates not having the car so he can run to get coffee whenever he wants. And these were all in the first week that I started! There are more but, they are a little personal lol. So use the imagination.

The kids have been pretty ok with it, so far. I am sure once school is out in two weeks (two freaking weeks, shit) it will be a different story. Zoe is going to be doing a lot of babysitting her brother. Which is not going to go over well. I am going to have to talk with the coordinator that does the scheduling to see if there is any way I can have a set schedule for the summer. If not, then, well, its going to suck for the kids. I thought that at least Zoe would have Sundays during the summer that she wouldn’t have to worry about watching Aidan but, Angus just found out that they decided that they are going to stay open on Sundays for the summer. And I have to work at least one day a weekend.

This week the coordinator (which I guess she does a lot lol) messed up and gave me today and tomorrow off. Fridays are the only day that I told them I am not available (as its Angus’s only day off during the week) so I have three whole days in a row off! Today I have a date with Aidan. We are going to the movies! His class is at a week long science field trip that he didn’t want to attend. I let him stay home as he and the other 20 or so kids that didn’t go are playing cards, watching movies or reading in class all week while the other kids are gone.

I have to say I was disappointed that he didn’t want to go. I remember my trip in the sixth grade and had a blast. But hey, I can’t complain because it saved us a few hundred dollars! Its much cheaper to take him to the movies. And how many things can you do these days with a child that you can say that?

Well, thats all for today folks. Time to get ready for my date with the most handsome boy in my life!


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5 AM VS 6:30 AM

Sep 27

Dear Gawd, it’s 8 O’clock in the morning and I am blogging. I have feed children, made lunches, shooed them all of to work/school, started laundry, and started a marinate for dinner tonight. Did I mention it is only 8 AM? If you know me well, you know I am NOT a morning person. I need to lounge in bed with my coffee for about a hour before I like to get up and meet the world. I am seriously weighing if being able to sleep in until 6:30-7 AM is worth staying home. Right now having to get up at 5 AM to have my coffee time to be out the door at 6:50 is not sounding bad lol. The only thing I had to do when I was working was make sure the kids were up and Aidan had a lunch. Angus made his own and made sure they had something to eat before they left for the day. He also drove Aidan to school on his way to work.

It always amazes me when I am not working, how the heck I ever got everything done that needs to be done during the week while working a full time job. The only thing angus really helped me with was the laundry, and he picked up his dry cleaning. And that wasn’t every week either. He is all for me working. He just doesn’t like it when it’s full time and he asks (delegates) me to do something and he gets “The Look”. As in, honey do it yourself, cause I have two jobs and you have one. The kids have been back at school for almost a month now, and I have officially been out of work for that amount of time. Angus has, not once, mentioned anything about me going back to work. That scares me. Not even on a week that he has not made a big commission. That scares me. He even made a comment on the lines of me not going back to work a few weeks ago when he went in for the interview. That scares me.

I think I seriously need to start looking lol. I have been just flip flopping the idea of what kind of job to look for. I don’t want to get into anything that I would feel bad about leaving on a short notice. I also don’t want to work at a place (you know a convenience store or Market) just to say, hey I have a job, but it cost most of my paycheck in gas money to get there! But I am contributing money to the household! I don’t feel a strong enough pull to be out in the “Real World” for that yet lol.

We have been looking at houses out of state. No matter what kind of job I get, I would not make enough for a commute to be worth it. We haven’t gotten to the serious part of looking. At this point I don’t think it will happen before X-Mas, like I was hoping for. We have come to the conclusion that this is not going to be easy for us to agree on either. He wants one of any three states, I want only one (well two, but CA is not a option at the moment) of the three states. The kind of house (as long as it’s not some double wide thing lol) is not really the problem though. Just the location. I am not even remotely interested in looking for any kind of “Dream Home”, even if we could afford it. I am looking at this being a stepping stone house. One that we can make a good profit on in a year or two to get us back to the west coast. Thats why location is a big issue for me. I know this area, I grew up here, and Angus is new to it. I think I have the advantage of knowing what areas would be better to make such a deal. I know what areas have boomed so to speak, and what areas have the potential to, better than he does. My only saving grace here is my brothers influence. Angus respects his opinion, thank gawd!

Well time to get some sheot done around here. I am, yet again, stuck because Angus took my car to work today. See I don’t have to pick up his dry cleaning or go to the store for anything, so I don’t “Need” my car. Um ya, I need to get a job.


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Sep 14
light rain

Um ya, gloomy is fitting right now. Angus had a job interview yesterday. Pretty much had the job before the interview. It was with a company he does a lot of business with at his current job. He has a very go rapport with the customers that own the company and they are looking for a sales manager and wanted him to come in and interview for it. They know his business history and really thought he would fit the bill. Ok, so this job means traveling a bit again. We can handle that. Angus’s doctor approves. He only needs a couple of minor things done now. The job pays very close to a six figure number. We can definitely handle that again. It means little ole me can become little Susie/Martha home maker again and angus doesn’t have to worry about anything but working again. Which I informed him will NOT happen again. I would just be at my leisure to work FT or PT if I choose. Not at his beck and call 24-7 again. Dear gawd he would drive me insane! It would also mean staying here on the east coast for probably several more years at least. OK, the money wins. I did always tell him that, Baby you keep earning the kind of money he is used to earning and we could live almost anyplace (except like Alaska or Oklahoma) and I wouldn’t complain, much. This all said before he got sick of course and his income was cut in half lol.

The problem you ask? Because isn’t this just what we have been waiting for, like for three years anyway? The problem is, you must have a valid drivers license to TRAVEL. This job requires TRAVEL. Angus doesn’t have one right now, thanks to the wonderful state of Minnesota. They still won’t release his license. They are saying he never paid his fines. It has been over 10 years, but they hold the right to keep it as long as they want. They are not one of the states that have a stature of limitation. They want $800 and for him to go to Drunk school, again, at a MN approved place. MA doesn’t have one that meets their standards is what one of the people he talked to said. Can you believe that?

When we went to the hearing in MA about this hole thing they told us, poof that he paid the fine through a canceled check would do the trick. Sounds simple hey? He had three bank accounts in two different states at the time. Neither he or his ex recall which one it was payed from. The banks want a good sum a hour to research for the check. It would probably end up costing more than 800. A lawyer(s) have said that having his CA license renewed several times should be the proof. Nope, that wasn’t good enough for MN or MA.

So back to square one. We look into a lawyer again. Doesn’t help with the current job offer because this will take time. They need a manager ASAP. They told him to contact them when he does get this cleared up and they still want to keep doing business with him. Justfunkinggreat. I just don’t know how much more of this crap I can take. It just seems that one we get one obstacle taken care of that another one takes it’s place.

Oh I am not sure I mentioned this before or not. We found out this year through the IRS that E’s ex wife had been claiming the girls on her taxes the years that Angus was suppose to. Now she could have mentioned this when they went to court and had his alimony changed over to complete child support. But nooooo, it slipped her mind. And doesn’t one have to earn a income to file a tax return? She was claiming 0 income on her child support order even though she was taking home $900 a week and Angus was on unemployment because he went into congestive heart failure. Oh and that when we were at court she tried to have a go at my income! Thats a long story. But I nipped it in the bud real fast. I actually embarrassed the crap out of the court advocate when I very firmly told her I was a single mother of three getting half what she was asking and getting for two, and one soon to be 19. And unless she dropped it real fast she was going to be hearing from my advocate in the county we were living in in a matter of hours lol. Ya the subject was dropped. Well anyway. The tax thing has been cleared up now. The IRS agreed that the ex didn’t have to pay back any money but, Angus did. We are talking thousands here. Um ya, like we can afford for any more of his income to be attached. His tax return for this year pretty much covers it though. So that is two down, surgery being number one.

Yes the cash return would have suited our savings account nicely but, at least paying the IRS back is not coming out of what we have, and future income. We have no idea how much money this license thing is going to cost or how long it will take. Thankfully his current job is ok with it, at the mom. It meant he has had to pass up several promotions though.  One of the options, but only a temporary solution, is for him to fly back to CA and renew his license there. He has a weeks vacation and it would be nice for him to see the girls. He hasn’t seen them since we moved here. I am very much pouting silently about this option. I don’t think I will be a very happy camper if he goes back there for a week vacation without me. But we just can’t afford for both of us to go. I also have a secret fear that he won’t come back.


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Sep 05

Oh, for pet’s sake. Aidans is home sick. Zoe started it last week with a sore throat and a cold, Sophia then got it and lost her voice. Now Aidan has all of the above and clogged ears. Today is only the fourth day back to school, with a four day holiday in between. I hope this is not a sign of how the winter season is going to go around here.

I was looking forward to getting out and visiting with Kate today. But instead I am doing laundry and baking bread. Aidan wanted to help so I let him make his own, that only he can eat. We really don’t need to make this flu go round and round. No we don’t.

Tomorrow we go to MGH for Angus’s checkup and find out about his other surgery(s). So far everything has been fine. He has even quit smoking again. I think is has been almost a month? I however, have not. Working on the cutting down though. I am just not ready to give it up yet. I most enjoy a fag with my glass of wine thankyouverymuch. And with the current situation that is my life right now, I will not give up my wine! I would kill someone. People that will be left unnamed.

Zoe is off to high school now. She was pretty nervous about the whole thing. I was able to go with her on the first day. Which did help her fears a bit. It was just and hour orientation for the freshman. So I introduced her to everyone in the faculty that was around. They were all very nice and full of condolences about my job not being renewed. It was nice to see them and kind of say good-bye, as of course I will be at the school for this or that to do with Zoe at times.

Aidan seemed to like his new school. It was harder for me! This was the first time in his life I have ever just dropped him off and not gone in with him, ever. When we pulled up he got a look at all the kids and kind of sucked in his breath a bit and said, “Wow, there are a lot of kids”. So I asked if he would like me to park and maybe just stick around a bit, asked him if he knew where he was suppose to go. His answer? “No, that’s ok, I will just find some friends and figure it out”. I was devastated. He did tell me he loved me before he hopped out though. He even took the bus home, for the first time since kindergarten. Dear gawd, my baby is a big boy now. How the heck did that happen? Next thing I know he will be all into girls. I can’t even handle Zoe wanting to do group things with mixed company yet! Sigh.


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Aug 21

Holy crap! I can’t believe the kids go back to school in one week. I think this was the quickest summer in history! We haven’t done much. Well, the Aidan and I anyway. Sophia and Zoe of course went to Cali and TN for a few weeks while Aidan and I just stayed home and did pretty much nothing. Nothing. Angus and my brother are planning on taking the boys deep sea fishing this weekend. They are so excited, meaning Angus and the brother that is. Well, so are the little boys.

Angus had his scary surgery about a month ago. It went very well. It didn’t even take as long as the doctor thought it would! He was even able to come home the next day. So we think there should only be one more surgery to go, possibly two. He is do to go in for his one month check up anytime now. We will talk about it with the doctor then.

It is going to be pretty crazy around here in the next couple of weeks. All the back to school stuff to get, and I am job hunting again. Not sure if I mentioned that they didn’t re-new my position for this year or not last time I posted. Yay, fun. My heart is just not into it. We will be moving soon. Not sure exactly when yet but, it won’t be here in the area we are now. We have a lot to think about.

We have been talking about going back to CA. Which is of course what we really want. But damn, we don’t have the money we used to. So to be looking for a job is just confusing right now. To look further north were we might end up, or between here and there? Or to hold off until we know if we are going to stay on the east coast or go back to the west coast? I hate this limbo shit. I feel like I have been living in limbo for the past 19 months. No, I know I have. I haven’t allowed my self to settle here. I don’t want to settle here. Damn I am stubborn!

Well off to do the school stuff for Zoe today. We wants and needs, like everything! As she puts it. Besides school supplies I have everything done for Aidan. I took advantage of the few days he spent in ME with my brother last week. I will just need to get him a few things when the weather gets a little cooler. Which of course will be in a few weeks I’m sure.

Positive things:

Angus made it through surgery ok
Sophia had a blast in CA
Zoe also had a blast, in TN


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Jun 26
partly cloudy

No really, I really want off. Jumping is not a option though. But for Pete’s sake, could it just slow down enough to get on maybe another pretty pony? The one I have been on is starting to look worn and haggard!

Life is so full of lemons right now, I couldn’t possibly make that amount of lemonade without turning in to a complete wrinkled prune! I am stuck home (not that there is anything impressive that I need to go, but still) again. After having a new radiator put in just before Christmas (only a mere $600), and then some gasket’s of some sort a few weeks ago ($800 because they had to take the engine apart to get at them), I now have smoke blowing out of the vents once the car heats up! I can’t tell you how much I hate this car that I didn’t even want in the first place, but wake up every day grateful that I have because I know there are people out there that don’t have one.

Ya, so much for saving money............

Maybe I should look into past life regression therapy to find out what kind of awful things I might have done in the past to deserve the shitty things that are going on in this one. Maybe try and redeem myself in some way so that things might get a little better in this one. Ya well, it’s worth a thought, right?. I haven’t been blog in the past several months because, well, I can’t keep up with the shit that has been going on to tell you the truth. If I blog everyday, or even once a week, about it all I would probably be in a padded round room right about now! (I wonder what kind of google hits I will get for that comment lol).

So with everything that is going on, I have decided that when I do blog I have to write at least one positive thing that has happened. So here are some of the good things that have happened in the past several months

Sophia graduated high school.

Zoe promoted to high school

Aidan promoted to middle (I am now officially old)

We survived the floods

So I will leave on that note.


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