Summer Vacation Sucks!

Jun 21

Ok, so this is blogging. Now what do I do? I thought this would be easy, NOT! So far I have been interrupted at least a dozen times just trying to set this up. The kids are bored to tears already. School just ended on Friday. So far they have slept over at friends house two nights, went to a birthday party at a family fun center, Chuck E Cheese and bowling. Wish I had so much fun! Laundry, that was my fun filled weekend.

I think this blogg is either going to save me from going completely insane or fustrate the heck out of me! I need to put my computer in my closet and lock the door.


bumblebee  Posted on 06/21/04 at 10:05 AM


Jun 20

Testing testing testing testing testing testing testing

bumblebee  Posted on 06/20/04 at 03:38 PM


Jun 19


bumblebee  Posted on 06/19/04 at 10:39 PM

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