Jun 20

Well wow, it’s been awhile, again. So much has been going on I am not even sure where to start! I think I will start with current news. Today was the last day of school. We are off until the end of August. School ended on a very sad note I am afraid to say. A very dear woman and coworker past away very suddenly yesterday morning. School next year just will not be the same without her. She was also the mother of a classmate of Zoe’s. Eighth grade Promotion was last night. The classmate was there, it’s what L would have wanted. I just kept thinking the whole night.... I can’t believe she is gone and not here to see this. Promotion is all we have been talking about for the past couple of weeks. Trying to keep each other informed of every little bit of info that we could give each other. What kind of dresses the girls want to wear, what kind we will let them. She was such a wonderful teacher with the kids. They adored her. And the kind of children she worked with were not the easiest of children. So Thursday we will all be there together to say good-bye. This is all just so unreal.


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Four Months.......... nothing different.

May 13
heavy rain

Yeah, I want to write, but I don’t. Nothing has changed really. My life sucks pretty much. It has actually gotten worse, except the feet they have gotten use to the 6-8 miles a day! I want to write every day. I just don’t either have the time, or the computer when I want to. We have a lot going on here in life. Too much. Maybe little by little I will come back. Yeah maybe.


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Jan 21
partly cloudy

Um ya. I checked it this morning for the first time in a while. And um, I have two google hits, and one I am hoping was just Kitty. Usually she comes up as a Canada hit, but I know where she really is lol. They didn’t leave comments so I know that what ever the heck they were looking for they didn’t find here lol! I am not sure I should attempt to link them or not. But what the heck, I am going to give it a go!

First one is from Nottingham England

And the other. India LOL!

I am not sure which one should creep me out more.

My original tittle (before I checked the stats that is) was going to be something on the lines of “Ten freaking years ago”, or “I must really truly have bad karma, truly” Cause shit just keeps creeping up from the past to haunt us.

Ten years ago, well before Angus and I knew each other, he was on a business trip and got a DWI (ya real smart of him) in Minnesota. Payed all the fines and did the DWI classes. Shortly after that he moved back to CA and had no problem getting his license transferred. When he went to get it transferred to this fine state in NE they informed him that he has an outstanding fee in MN! Ya, just ducky. So he called the number they gave him to tell them he payed everything. They said NOT. They said he owes them $680, WTF? So I have penny pinched for the past few weeks to come up with the fee and still be able to feed the kids and have heat and electricity. He calls them back to find out just how to pay this thing. They tell him it doesn’t matter if he pays it or not, they have no record of him going to the DWI classes, again, WTF? They give him the number of the probation officer that was assigned to his case but, they only hold the records for five years. WTF, again. They still have the freaking probation officer assigned to the case on record but nothing else? WTF? He called the number and a answering machine spoke to him. No one has called back yet. Why does that not surprise me?

He could loose his job over this. The insurance company needs a new copy of his license for him to be able to drive and sell the cars. His boss was under the assumption that it was just because he still had a CA license. He has to tell him today what is going on, because this is going to take time to fix. He even called a lawyer yesterday. They told him that he is screwed. The DMV is God. They are above God. They can hold your balls in a vice grip for as long as the want. Bleed you dry if they like.

I just really want a break. I am now afraid that when I go and change mine next week that something will come up on mine. It did when I moved to CA. But it was a mistake and they fixed it. I hope. But I am not holding my breath. More later on the everyday crap.


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Jan 04

I think I only asked for one thing this year from you dude: A new pair of feet. Well I received the new tennies, thank you by the way, but the feet, not new. I left a little early from work yesterday because I had shooting pains in my right foot. Not good. I am hoping that it is only because my feet are not used to the new shoes yet. But they were so comfy most of the day? My feet didn’t even start to hurt until lunch time. Most of the time they hurt by ten. Back to square one I guess.

We have a meeting first thing this morning with the big guy. I believe we are going to be assigned “Posts” and go over a few things, like not wearing jeans but on Fridays. LOL. This cracks, and pisses a lot of people up. The big guy is all about appearances. He sends emails out to everyone if any big wig from the district is coming so that everyone knows that they need to dress up LOL. He even mentions that the children should be informed so that they too might dress. Yeash.

Vacation went by way to fast. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, or needed to for that matter. And the Christmas stuff, remains. I am hoping to get to it this weekend. It is starting to feel cluttered in here lol.

What was up with this snow storm we were suppose to have? It was the big talk at work yesterday. Everyone was hoping for the extra day off. The kids would have been a lot tamer if they had. Yesterday was a zoo. Kids just didn’t want to be in class, or anyplace they were suppose to be. And the smoking in the bathrooms, woo.

Well time to go get all cleaned and gussied up for the big guy. Cause ya know, we need to keep up appearances!


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Dec 28
partly cloudy

I thought I would have more time to blog with having the week off! NOT. I have to get up at 6AM just to get my freaking email lol. I made the mistake of buying the kids not one but, two computer games. Neither of them will work on the computer in my room so it has been a battle field of who’s turn it is to play on the computer for a few days. The only computer hooked up to the internet at the moment.

I have been running around doing errand’s and returns for the past couple of days, cleaning and getting caught up on things that have been neglected from not having enough time between work and Christmas shopping. I look at the tree and decorations foaming at the mouth to put it all away while the kids bark in protest. I have promised to wait until after New Years. It is going to be hard, Zoe and Aidan are going to my brothers tonight and will be staying until Saturday afternoon. Thank gawd. No more fighting for the computer! Well, I will just have to wrestle with Sophia for it but, I can take her. She is very week and timid in the morning!

This week is going by too fast. I haven’t made one visit of many that I promised to make yet, and it’s already Wednesday! Angus switched his day off which has messed up things a bit on me too. Hopefully February vacation will get here fast lol. I haven’t seen my cousin E but once since we moved here, a close friend since the end of summer and, none of my aunts and uncles. I have been here almost a year now! The weekends are just not long enough I tell ya LOL.

Christmas went well. The kids are all happy with what they received. Even the day at my sisters went well. No major mishap’s or tantrums from her. Almost, but she managed to contain herself well. I thought it was all over with when my brother pulled up in a nice brand new Volvo though. The green on my sisters face just glowed with envy. Her Expedition that she bought the beginning of this year was bumped a notch, and she didn’t like it. Not one bit. It was written all over her face. She did well though I have to say. She made and excuse about having to check on dinner and walked away with no comment. That was so amazing let me tell you.

I must admit I was a little envious myself lol. I am so happy for my brother and SIL to be were they are right now in life. They have been through so much together over the years. He has worked very hard to get there. I don’t know anyone who deserves it more than they do. Well, um maybe one other person. But that ain’t happening for a long time lol, if ever! I hear pitter patter of a few feet. Let the wars begin. I am so looking forward to a few quiet days. What I am not looking forward to is the return. After being on their best behavior for three and a half days Zoe and Aidan will be in rare form when they return.

Not much planned this Year for New Years Eve. We are staying in and ordering Chinese food. Oh, the look on Angus’s face when I suggested it was priceless when I told him we would have to make the order by noon time lol! He had never heard of such a thing as Chinese food on New Years lol.

The holidays, even the small ones, have been hard this year. Everything is just so different from what we are used to. I fought all day on Christmas not to let the gloomies get me but, Monday was harder. Boxing Day, the day when we really celebrated Christmas in California. I couldn’t call everyone there. I was too afraid it would depress me more. Aw well, its all almost over, and hopefully this year will be the beginning of good things. I could sure use some thats for sure LOL.


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Dec 24

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas. I won’t be able to log on tomorrow. My shopping is done, done done! All presents are wrapped, just have to put all the pretties on some time today! Oh and I am taking my temp as I type. Oh joy.


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Dec 20
partly cloudy

All I want for Christmas is.......... a new pair of feet. This wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t spend seven hours walking and then have to go Christmas shopping! Day two down for the shopping. I am almost done, almost. I have Friday off so I should get the rest of it done then. And then, then I have to get it all wrapped and hide it all someplace, somehow. This is not a big place and has no extra space.

The job is going ok. Not something I plan on staying with long term.

LOL I didn’t know this would post if I hit quick save! My mother came home and I didn’t want her to ask what I was doing so I saved it. I thought it would just save and didn’t think it would post! It’s now day eight, before work though. Today and tomorrow to get through and then I am off until the third. Hopefully over vacation I will have time to post more! We are going to My older sisters for Christmas, this should be interesting!


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